Why does Delta have your loyalty?


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Originally Posted by aCavalierInCoach View Post

Fleetwide gogo (don't love gogo, but appreciate the consistency)
Off topic but you said "gogo" and "consistency" in the same sentence and I simply cannot allow that to go unchallenged! Those 2 words should never be used in the same sentence!
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At XNA we only have three options. AA, DL, UA. Have had too many bad experiences on AA, though it definitely controls the market from number of flights offered and has the most FF traffic. Not interested in flying on UA's E135/145s everywhere and have heard too many questionable customer service experiences. DL is a nice balance in flight/fleet options and I've never had a bad experience. May seem like too easy of rationale, but it is what it is for me!
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It sounds like hub captivity, with a side of rationalization and denial...

The DL 763 TATL J is worse than coach, has anyone being able to sleep in that coffin? Just atrocious...
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Originally Posted by krlcomm View Post
Off topic but you said "gogo" and "consistency" in the same sentence and I simply cannot allow that to go unchallenged! Those 2 words should never be used in the same sentence!
Very fair - had a great throttling argument with an agent over chat MSP-SFO a couple weeks ago. Got me into FTC letter-writing mode.

That said, everything is relative, and United's inconsistency on wifi is atrocious - sometimes the performance is quite good, but they have four different systems (and pay portals) and my experience is it is operational maybe 60% of the time. MAYBE. Coincidentally their July on-time rate....
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Like many others, I am not loyal as much as I'm hub-flight schedule captive. My only option is most connections through ORD and not really interested in testing my luck with that.
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Why does Delta have your loyalty?

Used to be ATL based up until 2004, then moved to RIC...easy for me on the loyalty side, I have 1.6million miles on delta and for some crazy reason I'm trying to get to 2MM. May take me another 3 years but my uncle was a Delta pilot, father in law was a Delta pilot, and good friend of mine was DL pilot prior to 9-11 layoffs. Family connections and it feels like home. Great Irrops support, friendly FA, excellent routing choices from RIC (ATL in winter, DTW in summer). Pricing always competitive, and bottom line, I just don't like flying other airlines, fees like I'm being disloyal to my bride or something. Weird I know, but Delta has solid product and even with hiccups now and then, I realize it's commercial air travel and it's not always awesome. Now if I could just get our client to agree to a Delta private jets card, I'd be set for a while! Speaking of which, where the heck is my delta private jet emails offering $300 upgrade to G6 instead of that awesome mad dog service RIC-ATL!
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1. On-time operations
2. Staff seems happy
3. IND: ATL, BOS, DTW, JFK, LAX, LGA, MSP, RDU non-stops
4. As a silver (for 2016 already at miles for gold but not yet $$) free exit row seats.
5. Flew out of EWR during storms a few months and witnessed UA.
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For now, they have it. I fly DL mainly from MCI to LAX and I like having the nonstop flight on the Compass E-175. If I cannot do the nonstop, SLC is an easier hub to connect in. I prefer it over DEN with UA or DFW with AA. I would consider WN, and have used them in the past, but there is no first class. I like what AS has to offer, but I hate their expensive prices from MCI. Out of everyone, they are the most expensive.
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I am not loyal but hub captive. As such, flying Delta works best most of the time.
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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
Hub captive and refugee from PMNW.

DL seems to work for me with good operations and decent IROPs handling. I've been doing fine so far with the FF program, upgrades, G A P fares, SWUs and GUCs, etc. but I realize that I'm paying high fares out of MSP for the convenience of nonstops.

Now if DL just would give MSP some decent aircraft and stop ripping out FC/BE/D1 seats.....and undo the redo of the F/G SC to bring back the cubicles, plus give me some cheese and cracker options consistently.
Also as a MSP flyer, you are some what captive unless you like connections. If you only went to places like ORD, MDW, LAX, IAH and DFW(just to name a few) you would have options for UA, SW and AA directs.

However I go to PDX, SEA, BIS, OMA and FAR frequently. Unless I want connections DL is my only option.

I will say after getting moved to a UA flight, DL has better CS. I am not for cattle herding so SW is out(Plus not a fan MSP Term 2). In my short three years of flying I have only had to do connections to one destination PSP as no DL directs.

I have been lucky on getting a fare number of UG being GM and even as FO. I my tickets are usually two weeks or less thus getting high fare class.
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Originally Posted by BOSTransplant View Post
For me the key thing is the best looking flight attendant uniforms of all the major US carriers.
Zac Posen is currently designing new uniforms for frontline employees. He said Delta will have the best uniforms among all airlines in the world (including the ME3), not just in the U.S. Available in a couple years.
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the best of Big 3 in terms of customer service with frontline

From Hong Kong living in Seattle, Skyteam is a good choice for me with DL used to fly HKG-NRT-SEA and now HKG-SEA

Love paris and amsterdam so both AF and KL is nice.

Always on time mostly and treat elite pretty okay in irops IMO

but lack of GUC the only problem for DM

and that's the thing for Elite Programs, once you start have silver is already hard to go to another airlines because if you check just 1 bag is better fly with the one that you get status even if DL is $50 more expensive.

I used to not realize that but it is a big plus being able to use Skypriority check-in the regular....
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I'm sort of a hub captive being in CHA. DL is my primary choice because when there is trouble I can always take the bus home from ATL. I can't do that from CLT or DFW or ORD. Usually, I switch over to AA and get status over there after I'm at top status with DL. That way, no matter who I choose I get the bonuses and nice treatment. The DL staff at CHA is great and that makes a difference. The treatment on the plane is better with AA, i.e. upgrades, free snacks, etc. I've been flying on AA the past two months after making DM on Delta back in late July. Now that we're getting into the winter I'll have to watch the weather and make my choices based on that, somewhat.

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Wouldn't consider myself loyal, but all in all, Delta tends to work best for the routes I need. I'm in the NYC metro area and fly to ELP, MEX, and (soon, thanks to family moving) BTV fairly frequently. The JFK-MEX (sometimes on Delta's partner Aeroméxico, who offers red-eye flights) and LGA-BTV nonstops are nice.

There are lots of options with ELP, since there are no nonstops, but HPN-ATL-ELP works perfectly fine most of the time.
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Overall, Delta has been good to me. I fly mostly international and been successful getting upgrades on long haul 10-15 hr flights as well as 95%+ domestic out of Norfolk. Disappointed that JFK option out of Norfolk was discontinued this year leaving only Atlanta and Detroit to connect to international flights. Maybe it's me but I've noticed a bit of indifference in the tone of the Diamond line customer service reps. Seems as Delta becomes more successful at increasing profits, CS, which was for me a plus in the past is in a decline. Like I said overall I'm happy but Delta cutting service to JFK out of ORF makes not a lot of sense since all flights I've been on have been packed. For flights to JFK, I'm now flying AA.
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