Credit for Cancellation of ticket

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Credit for Cancellation of ticket

One of my GREATEST BEEFS w Delta is when they switch aircraft and my preferred seat is now not exit row but somewhere else. I simply cannot understand how - if Delta is SUPPOSED to be so "technologically advanced", they could not send me an e-mail several days before the "public" announcement of this so I could change seat numbers to get what I would like!

At any rate, that is only a part of what the thread is about. I had 2 Eco+ tix from ATL-CDG-SVO for May. I don't check w daily - after all, I have a REAL JOB. So when I made a cursory check, the plane had been changed to a 747 (from 767) and there was only 1 Eco+ available. Naturally this was unacceptable to me and my significant other, and on the itinerary, Delta said there had been a change to it (both as to departure time and equipment) and said I could cancel (K class)(Non-refundable). The cost of 2 tix ~$2229 plus ~$350 for Eco+.
Well, lo and behold, when I check today, I ONLY have a credit for $862 for both tix and no refund at all for the Eco+. I have been flying for years and am a MM. I have never cancelled a ticket before. Frankly, I was shocked at the low amount of credit.
Is this typical??
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I too have a "real job", as do many others here, but we know enough to check in periodically, just to avoid the situation that you described.

Also, wouldn't a switch to a 747 from a 767 open up more seats throughout the aircraft?

Am I missing something?
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OP - there is some info missing from your situation that will make it easier for others on the board to assist you.

The ATL-CDG leg can be operated by either DL or AF. DL only operates a 767 and a330 on this route in May. AF operates a 747 and a 777 on this route. AF also doesn't have E+ as DL does. AF does have a premium economy product, but it's significantly more expensive than standard Economy (different seat, food, amenities, etc.), and can only be upgraded to from coach with an upgrade instrument or by purchasing the Premium Economy fare.

If I'm understanding correctly, you cancelled the ticket? If this was because there was a change in schedule of more than 90 mins, you should have been refunded your fare to the original form of payment - unless you paid with a certificate or something else I'm missing. I'm not quite understanding why you would check on for the credit.

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Thanks for your comments.
YES, Delta IS operating a 747 from ATL-CDG At least on that day in May (unless some other aircraft has an upper deck).
This was a cash (CC) transaction.
I am able to see and print out my credit statement from MyDelta so I know how much credit is for this cancellation.
and YES ALL the Eco+seats were taken when I (finally) looked at our reservation.
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OP - it's still not clear with what you've shared, so let me try and asking a different way. You may have a delta ticket, but what dates and flight number were you looking at? I ask because there is a Delta flight, DL8672 which operates 7 days a week from ATL to CDG. Unfortunately this is an Air France flight on which Delta code shares and sells seats through their joint venture.

If this is the case, this AF flight does not have have E+ so you would not be able to book it. If you truly are on a Delta operated flight I would be curious because they don't show a 747-400 on that route at all.

Regardless, if the credit you're seeing isn't a full refund of your fare, you should call the Medallion desk with your confirmation number and they should be able to sort it out.
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You need to get on the phone with DL ASAP.

If DL was giving you a refund based on schedule change, they would credit your CC, not give you a e-credit of any sort.

What has happened is that you have simply been processed as having cancelled a non-refundable ticket, and been given a credit for value minus the large change fees. How this happened, I do not know. But it does.

Just make clear that you were certainly attempting to get a full refund based on the change. The only outcomes you should accept are the full refund OR a reinstatement of the ticket. If the latter, you can ask what they can do to accomodate you on a "better" flight. Play HUACA until this works.
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Credit for Cancellation of ticket

Because I'm bored on my red eye I went through every flight from atl-cdg and the only 744s operating atl-Cdg is operated by AF. Dl only has 764s and a330s the entire month of May.
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