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737-900ER Seat Configuration Rows 19-21

737-900ER Seat Configuration Rows 19-21

Old Feb 10, 14, 8:05 pm
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737-900ER Seat Configuration Rows 19-21

We have a LAX-DTW flight on a 737-900ER.

I am trying to deconflict seatguru and Delta seat maps.

On seatguru.com it looks like the exit rows are 19 and 20. Delta's seat map looks like it is 19, 20, & 21 are exit rows.

Currently we are in row 21 but if that really doesn't have extra leg room I would move up to row 19 with limited recline. Row 20 (two seats not three) is occupied.

Thanks in advance!
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Old Feb 10, 14, 10:03 pm
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The only seats in row 21 that will have extra legroom will be the windows (A and F).
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Old Feb 10, 14, 10:46 pm
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Row 19 - extra leg room but limited/no recline
Row 20 - only 2 seats per side, but no extra legroom and limited/no recline
Row 21 - the A & F window seats have extra legroom due to the lack of a seat in front, but otherwise the BC & DE seats do not have extra legroom
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Old Feb 10, 14, 10:47 pm
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Originally Posted by cmd320 View Post
The only seats in row 21 that will have extra legroom will be the windows (A and F).
100% correct all the exit rows are less than amazing. Only EC front row ABC have extra space other than the ones you mention!

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Old Feb 11, 14, 12:59 am
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I flew LAX/DTW on the B739 this morning. I originally had a choice between 21A & 21C. I assumed that 21C would have extra leg room, same as you! WRONG! By the time I saw these pics, 21A was gone! It suddenly opened up a few days ago, so I grabbed it.

Also, about 21A/F: The TV screen is in the seat back of the seat in front of you, which is waaaaay up - basically the same as 2 seats in front of you! Also, the guy in 20B had a bag under 19A when I arrived. I had to ask him to move it, as that space belongs to 21A!

I say 21A/F, if it doesn't bother you having to ask people to move when you need the lav. Fortunately, 20B & C got up, so I left at the same time.

Nice to have AC outlets in Y!

I was a little disappointed that the FA didn't announce anything about the new plane in her announcements. It definitely had new car plane smell when I boarded!

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Old Feb 11, 14, 1:31 am
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Originally Posted by Delta Points View Post
100% correct all the exit rows are less than amazing. Only EC front row ABC have extra space other than the ones you mention!

Just looking at these seats makes my back and butt hurt. I have never tried them, but maybe other people have and like them. I know I won't, given my health problems.
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Old Feb 11, 14, 5:30 am
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Old May 30, 14, 12:37 pm
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Does anyone have any intel on whether rows 19 and 20 have *any* recline on the B739s?

The extra legroom seems nice. But having done TCONS on DLs 757 in the exit row that does not recline, I am willing to sacrifice legroom versus sitting bolt upright for 5 hours.
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Old May 30, 14, 1:00 pm
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Row 18 on the DEF side doesn't recline. I had the pleasure of witnessing this first hand on ATL-LAX on Wednesday.

The seat itself isn't all that bad. The IFE is excellent which is leaps and bounds better than the dark UA 739s. The restroom situation in the back is quite the hazard.

DL did the best they could with this plane. I just don't like the 737-900 in general.
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Old May 30, 14, 6:33 pm
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I liked 21F except I felt the wall impinged my shoulder room a little bit. 21DE and 20 DE looked pretty crappy for an exit row. Since I was on a 45 minute flight, I never used the screen in front of me or the outlets.

I think I'll miss the 757s when these replace them.
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Old May 31, 14, 1:05 am
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I was in 21A for a SFO-MSP redeye a few days ago. As far as domestic Y goes it doesn't get much better. The armrest on the right is fixed for the tray table. I don't mind this since it keeps other people out of my space but it slightly restricts seat width.

As far as the TV goes I couldn't get to sleep (partially thanks to the rock hard seat) and decided to watch a movie for the 2nd half of the flight. The TV is far away but not too impossible to see.
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Old May 31, 14, 2:52 am
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Wow what a strange alignment of seats for an exit row- reminds me of the 73G of AS. Disappointed DL couldn't figure a better combination which allowed legroom & recline.
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Old Jul 19, 16, 2:17 am
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Thanks for confirmation on this because it's not clear on Delta's site or Seatguru. I've been on the plane many times, but typically in FC or 10A/C. Appreciate the info.
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Old Aug 28, 16, 8:17 pm
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I understand that row 20 offers no additional exit row legroom, but is the recline limited or nonexistent? Delta ("limited recline") and SeatGuru ("no recline") are contradictory regarding row 20.

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Old Apr 24, 17, 7:37 am
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Anyone have any other data points on row 20?

I get that they don't recline, but I'm wondering about legroom -- is it truly "no more than regular coach" or maybe just "only a tiny bit more than regular coach"?

My understanding is that the standard seats on the 739 are very tight, in the 31" neighborhood or maybe even 30", so even 32" would be an improvement over the rest of the plane, though it still wouldn't be C+.

Traveling with my husband who has long legs so having the pair of seats without the third is a very nice feature, but debating whether it is worth it. As a point of comparison, he fits okay in regular coach seats on the international 763 (which I think are 32"?) but not so well in many narrowbody regular coach seats.
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