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Updates to Delta Sky Club membership Options

Updates to Delta Sky Club membership Options

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Summary of Changes and Frequently Asked Questions

These changes are effective May 1, 2014

This topic is a prime candidate for Wikipost. Let's see if we can't pull one together incorporating the details of the changes, as well as DLCorpGirl's responses to some of our questions.

SkyClub membership has been split into two tiers: Executive and Individual.

Executive members may guest two individuals, or immediate family (spouse + children under 21) without additional charge. Executive members may guest up to 2 additional individuals for $29 each per visit.

Individual members must pay for all guests. Individual members may guest up to 2 individuals, or immediate family (spouse + children under 21) for $29 each per visit.

Lifetime Memberships will be converted to Lifetime Executive Memberships, per DLCorpGal.

30 Day Skyclub Pass - this has been discontinued per Delta contacts.

American Express Delta Reserve and American Express Platinum or Centurion Card (not American Express Delta Platinum co-branded credit card, but American Express non-branded Platinum Charge Card) members may guest up to 2 individuals, or immediate family (spouse + children under 21) for $29 each per visit.

The fee for the Delta Gold American Express and Delta Platinum American Express cardmembers will increase to $29 per visit, per DLCorpGal.

Diamond Medallions may upgrade to an Executive Membership as a Choice Benefit or by using miles or cash to pay the difference. No confirmation on miles, but the cash difference is confirmed to be $145 if done by 3/1/15 per DLCorpGal. NOTE: Diamond Medallions have Executive Membership until 2/28/15. After this date, they will have Individual Membership by default.

Alaska Board Room membership is a workaround as of 1/15/14 for $450 1 year - $1050 3 years and includes 2 guests FREE or family. Note, however, that the AS/DL relationship isn't as good as it used to be and there's no guarantee that the Board Room/SkyClub reciprocity relationship will continue as it currently exists. -- As of February 2015 AS club membership no longer includes guests at Delta lounges.
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Old Jan 10, 14, 7:48 am
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Skybonus is still there, but now 160,000 points instead of 100,000
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Old Jan 10, 14, 7:49 am
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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
I was a fan of the changes until I noticed this on the webpage you linked. IMO this is a HUGE MISTAKE as well as being UNFAIR to those who do not have large families. As long as people can freely bring in their entire families, including dogs BTW, the SC experience will remain unappealing. Why should others subsidize those who have many children and continue to experience overcrowding, noise, etc. due to the ones who bring large and uncontrolled families into SCs? DL is missing an opportunity to genuinely make their lounges more attractive and drive business travelers to travel with DL.
I think this is the most riled up I've ever seen you about any topic. Of all the "enhancements" of the past two years, THIS is the one that draws your ire?
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Old Jan 10, 14, 7:50 am
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Can someone tell me What is so exclusive about DL Skyclubs. DL keeps saying " exclusive.

I can have a better experience outside in the terminal for 29 dollars.

Amex reserved is being canceled May 1st.
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Old Jan 10, 14, 7:51 am
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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
IME the AmEx Plat kids are the best of the bunch, then DM offspring and Reserve card families are about the same, then SC member offspring, and the worst are the GroupOn bunch. Maybe the problem is that those who plan to travel with large families are most likely to buy the SC membership versus the elite credit cards having financial requirements and other benefits beyond SC use by the whole gang.
Is this estimate based in any way on empirical evidence? Just wondering...
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Old Jan 10, 14, 7:51 am
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Originally Posted by turkeyRIOO View Post
We need some Centurion clubs at ATL DTW and SEA as soon as possible. Major downgrade to Amex cards with access.
Why not MSP? Also ATL already has The Club in F which is in PP, so a Centurion lounge would be somewhat superfluous. At SEA, LAX, and a few other airports, the AS Boardrooms are currently a good alternative.

Realistically Centurion and similar clubs are unlikely to apprear at airports like LAX, JFK, and LGA that aren't connected airside.
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Originally Posted by tfc3rid View Post
How about rules for Sky Team elite member flying with non medallion spouse on an International Itinerary?
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Originally Posted by javabytes View Post
Keep dreaming...
One would think if they were going to upgrade the complimentary food and beverage, they would announce it simultaneously with the price increase/club restrictions. Not a good sign.
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I like the idea of exclusivity to the SC. I wish the offerings for the high price of membership would be a bit better...

However, I'm letting my membership expire this year and as going to run with the Reserve card only... I may still do that but it might be worth it at this point...

But good move in trying to being back some special feel for the SC experience.
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Old Jan 10, 14, 7:53 am
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Originally Posted by LADELTA777 View Post
Can someone tell me What is so exclusive about DL Skyclubs. DL keeps saying " exclusive.
All they have to do is exclude someone to claim it to be "exclusive."
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Originally Posted by SeahawksNYC View Post
Any thoughts on there being a response from American Express? Back to back devaluations of Platinum..
I am curios of that my self. CNBC had an article today that cash back or cards with their own points were better then airline cards. Plus AMEX still has a ton of DL miles they already own at the moment. I assume that is why the AMEX spend came in as a waiver for the MQDs.
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Thank you for the posting. What is the status of current memberships? are those memberships remaining in the Executive status through the end of the current expiration date, or are those converted into 'individual level' memberships?

(e.g. are memberships that were purchased or earned under condition "A" converted into memberships under condition "A-"?)

Originally Posted by DLCorpGal View Post
Even with more than $50 million in investments over the last several years, to renovate and expand seating in existing Clubs and build new Delta Sky Clubs across the system, our customers, including many of you on FlyerTalk, tell us the Clubs can be overcrowded.

To alleviate this problem and maintain the more exclusive atmosphere our Club members continue to tell us they expect, we are making changes to the Delta Sky Club program.

• Effective immediately, membership cost is $695 annually. This Executive Membership will continue to allow two complimentary guests.
• For those customers who rarely need guest access, an Individual Membership at the current rate of $450 will be introduced in Spring 2014. This membership will allow guest access for $29 per guest Club visit.
• Beginning May 1, 2014, all customers who receive complimentary Delta Sky Club access as a benefit of their eligible credit or charge card will no longer receive complimentary guest access. A $29 fee per guest Club visit will apply.

Members who qualified for Diamond Medallion® status in 2013 for the 2014 Medallion year will continue to receive an Executive Membership through the end of the 2014 Medallion year (February 28, 2015). Members who qualify for Diamond Medallion status in 2014 for the 2015 Medallion year will receive an Executive Membership valid from time of Diamond Medallion qualification through February 28, 2015 and an Individual Membership valid from March 1, 2015 through January 31, 2016. Diamond Medallion members who receive an Individual Membership can upgrade to the Executive Membership via Choice Benefits, miles or cash. Diamond Medallion members who wish to purchase an Executive Membership will receive a $100 discount off the $695 Executive Membership price until March 1, 2015.

Please find all details here.

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Old Jan 10, 14, 7:54 am
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Same here, I am scrapping my DL reserve card as well.
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Old Jan 10, 14, 7:54 am
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Amex Reserve card holder here...I could understand limited card holders to one guest. Gouging me for $29 each time I want my wife to be able to join me, after I'm already paying $450 is just ridiculous. Most years the 30k mqm bonus gets me to Gold status which is nearly worthless these days. I've been Gold for 2 years and have received exactly zero upgrades. I will most definitely be downgrading to the Gold card or possibly cancelling altogether. Nice job Delta.
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Children are not an issue with me. People who lack respect for others are the root cause. Some of them happen to have kids... If we need to kick out kids, then I say we need to kick out Johnny blue tooth and his ultra important business deal making hijinks... I'd rather listen to children's laughter than Sal from Staten Island conduct business whilst using his favorite adjective 38 times in a conversation... The one that is a slang for a carnal act...

...and for the love of baby Jesus...say no to Gordan's .....
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Well, until DL will lead the SkyTeam policy change, of course...
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