NEW $8.99 snack box - AVOID

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Originally Posted by sbjnyc View Post
How exactly did the dog mark the bag?
Thank you! I did think about that, but sent it anyway.

The dog just sat very, very close to the bag, wagged his tail and looked to his handler for praise.

So, no incident :-)

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I tried the tapas snackbox today and actually thought it was quite good. Nutritionally there should be a bit more protein, but overall almonds, olives, dark chocolate, etc... not bad for a free offering for GM+.
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Originally Posted by DanishFlyer View Post
Thank you! I did think about that, but sent it anyway.

The dog just sat very, very close to the bag, wagged his tail and looked to his handler for praise.

So, no incident :-)
Good dog. Have a travel treat!
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Had the Crapas box today. Very attractive packaging. Like a box within a box. But so damn big on those tiny lap trays. Interesting selections, but nothing seems to pair. Not like you can spread things out and do a small plate sampling. The two dips. . . blah. The bruschetta, the savory choice, tasteless. And do you eat them with the pita or the other chip. Guessing the small spoon was to fish the olives from the pouch. One last thing, it was all kind of messy. TG for the sumptuous towel.

Worth the money. . . . ? Worth the paper you print it on for the 'have one on us' Will try the new trail mix next
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I tried the Tapas on my Saturday evening flight, since only the premium snacks were available for selection. Here are pics of the box and its contents. I was at the bulkhead on an A320, so it was a little difficult fitting all the contents on the fold-out tray table (but that's not saying much, as those trays are pretty small to begin with).

I had the olives first, and wish I had found the small plastic spoon and moist towlette mentioned in the post above mine. I agree with an earlier sentiment that some of the food items are very very salty (mostly the olives and the bruschetta dip). I expected more from the lemon cookies, but was pretty disappointed; the taste was reminiscent of those animal cookies I used to have when I was a kid (you know, in the small cardboard box with the circus animal cages printed on the box?). My favorites were the dried apricots, and the pita chips with hummus dip. After I had eaten everything, I was packing away the wrappers in the box, when I saw the moist towlette and spoon under the napkins in the box. There was also a delectable square of dark chocolate that served as a nice palate cleanser.

All in all, I'm glad I saved my biscoffs for last. Although, after a very late arrival from BDL, literally running across the entire MSP airport (including the moving sidewalks connecting C and G), missing an upgrade by five or ten or twenty, and having no time to buy anything in the terminal (sprinting past the scanner and down the jetwawy, closest call I've had making a connection), it was satisfactory and at least quelled my mild hunger pangs.

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