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Canarsie Nov 8, 13 12:09 am

Please Wish Kevin Pinto a Very Happy Birthday
Although he is now retired from Delta Air Lines, Kevin Pinto is celebrating a birthday this coming Saturday, November 9.

Please take a few minutes to post your birthday greetings and thoughts here in this discussion, as he really could use them this year.

I intend to ensure that Kevin is alerted of the existence of this discussion.

Thank you in advance.

andymo99 Nov 8, 13 12:48 am

Happy birthday Kevin!

Your former employer and your customers miss you already!

Hope you're doing well.

Sez_Who Nov 8, 13 3:23 am

Happy Birthday, Kev! And many more to ya, big guy. ^

As always, holler if you need anything.

HongKonger Nov 8, 13 4:46 am

Please Wish Kevin Pinto a Very Happy Birthday
Happy birthday!

We need you back!

rubesl Nov 8, 13 6:43 am

Happy Birthday Kevin! If you were in Detroit you could get a free car wash. If there ever is another ATLDO maybe we can meet again (you could now come as a FlyerTalker instead of as a DL employee).

RSSrsvp Nov 8, 13 6:50 am

Hi Kevin,
Wishing you a very happy birthday. You are one of the main reasons why many of us have stayed with DL over the years!!!

If a business school would ever want to give their students an example of "excellence in service" it would be you. ^

hnewman Nov 8, 13 6:51 am


Happy Birthday and Best wishes Henry and Lisa. Feel free to visit us in Minnesota any time!

UpstateSCDLFlyer Nov 8, 13 7:14 am

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

shukar Nov 8, 13 7:23 am

HBD - Enjoy!

DLdweeb Nov 8, 13 7:27 am

Happy Birthday, Kevin. I hope you are well. Believe me, you are missed.

hoosiereph Nov 8, 13 7:39 am

Happy Birthday, Kevin. Your retirement has demonstrated that you were irreplaceable!

jackplum Nov 8, 13 8:15 am

Happy Birthday Kevin!

javabytes Nov 8, 13 8:33 am

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

DLroads Nov 8, 13 8:40 am

Happy Birthday Kevin!
יום הולדת שמח!

May this year be full of brisket sandwiches! :D

MSPeconomist Nov 8, 13 8:40 am

Happy Birthday.

(We really miss you.)

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