A Positive Word

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A Positive Word

I was flying LAS-STL with a tight connection in SLC on Tues. At the gate in LAS they announced that Air Force One was coming in and asked us to board 10 mins early to try and get in the air before they landed. Quick boarding, ready to go, and the airport goes on full ground stop. We wait for 45 minutes.

Missed connection in SLC, which would cause me to miss the last flight on a non affiliated regional puddle jumper out of STL. Didn't want to spend the night in STL so I went to the Sky Club and they rebooked me for the first direct flight the next morning even though they could get me to STL that night. I wasn't expecting anything else but I was then given a choice of hotels for the night along with meal vouchers. They also called down to have my checked bag held

I don't fly enough for status and I thought I was going file a claim on AMEX's travel insurance for the first time. I was quite surprised to be given accommodations for IRROPS beyond Delta's control. I don't know for sure, but I suspect that I would not have received accommodations or a favorable alternate flight if I did not go the Sky Club. I have read that an agent is one of the best benefits of lounge access. This appears to be true. One last thing, I was given an Economy Comfort seat to STL.

I know Delta causes their share of aggravation but this time they treated me far better then I expected.
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That's great to hear! While there are a lot of complaints overall about Delta's SkyMiles program, their service both on the ground and in the air is top flight compared to legacy US carriers.
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Always good to hear stories like this one. Glad they took care of you.
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Service and convenience are my primary reasons for staying with DL.

Thanks for sharing.
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Originally Posted by smachiz View Post
That's great to hear! While there are a lot of complaints overall about Delta's SkyMiles program, their service both on the ground and in the air is top flight compared to legacy US carriers.
Agreed. When I fly them, it's great. But their SkyMiles department seems to be quite condescending and insulting through the current implementation of the SkyMiles program today. Strong enough to want me to quit.
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Frontline Delta employees are top notch! I may express harsh feelings toward corporate entities (SM program, IT) but the good folks I interact with during phone calls and travel are some of the nicest and best prepared folks around.

Unfortunately, that tends to magnify my poor feelings regarding the dysfunctional website and corporate "toying" with the program. But the folks on the frontline don't have much, if any control over that side of the company.

In a weird way, the dysfunctional website has forced me to use phone reps more than ever so it's possible to find something positive from an otherwise distasteful situation. Broken, unusable website....

Anyway, glad you were taken care of and thanks to all the Delta folks who take good care of all of us!
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