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Schmoops 2013-11-25 08:02:50

(Wikipost) Delta and new Profiles A Lot About You
Figured a highly collaborative effort like this needs a wikipost. As items and codes are confirmed, let's centralize them in one place rather than thumb through hundreds of discussion posts.

How to pull your information
Log into your SkyMiles account at, then visit this link:

What the items indicate
v01: Closest airport to home address (encoded using key 1)
v02: Country of residence
v04: Preferred departure airport/city (encoded using key 2)
v05: Language
v06: discSpndngAmt, in thousands
v07: Skymiles status level
v08: State/province (encoded using key 2)
v09: Pay with Miles eligible
v10: sunTrstInd
v11: prefDestCity
v12: MQS
v13: Hotel loyalty programs stored in profile (encoded using key 2, see post #829)
v15: Income, in thousands
v16: Current age + 99
v17: 1/2/3 MM Status
v18: Home value, in thousands
v20: SkyClub member
v21: SkyMiles account number
v22: Experian Mosaic segment (encoded using keys 1 and 3, see Description here and Segment Details here
v23: Saved search destination airports (encoded using key 1)
v24: SkyClub renewal date (coded using key 3)
v25: Saved payment information (encoded using key 1) AND SPG status (encoded using key 1, see
v26: Gender/prefix (1=male/Mr, 2=female/Ms/Mrs, 3=Dr/other) (to be confirmed)
v28: SkyMiles account number with 3 leading zeros (called "CustID" in previous data)
v29: Logged in (SM account)
v30: Customer Value Score (Questionable, and scale is unknown)
v31: RDM balance
v32: Dream trips from profile (encoded using key 2)
v33: MQM balance
v34: Activities & Interests from profile
v39: ?? Duplicate for Language ??
v40: ?? Duplicate for Country of Residence ??


Three different coding keys are used for variables 01, 04, 08, 13, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 32. For full mappings, click here: Keys 1, 2, and 3

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