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Delta and new DL.com Profiles A Lot About You

Delta and new DL.com Profiles A Lot About You

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Old Nov 25, 13, 1:02 am   -   Wikipost
Please read: This is a community-maintained wiki post containing the most important information from this thread. You may edit the Wiki once you have been on FT for 90 days and have made 90 posts.
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Wiki Link
Figured a highly collaborative effort like this needs a wikipost. As items and codes are confirmed, let's centralize them in one place rather than thumb through hundreds of discussion posts.

How to pull your information
Log into your SkyMiles account at Delta.com, then visit this link: https://www.delta.com/databroker/bcdata.action

What the items indicate
v01: Closest airport to home address (encoded using key 1)
v02: Country of residence
v04: Preferred departure airport/city (encoded using key 2)
v05: Language
v06: discSpndngAmt, in thousands
v07: Skymiles status level
v08: State/province (encoded using key 2)
v09: Pay with Miles eligible
v10: sunTrstInd
v11: prefDestCity
v12: MQS
v13: Hotel loyalty programs stored in DL.com profile (encoded using key 2, see post #829)
v15: Income, in thousands
v16: Current age + 99
v17: 1/2/3 MM Status
v18: Home value, in thousands
v20: SkyClub member
v21: SkyMiles account number
v22: Experian Mosaic segment (encoded using keys 1 and 3, see http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/delta...l#post20913445) Description here and Segment Details here
v23: Saved search destination airports (encoded using key 1)
v24: SkyClub renewal date (coded using key 3)
v25: Saved payment information (encoded using key 1) AND SPG status (encoded using key 1, see http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/delta...l#post20913463)
v26: Gender/prefix (1=male/Mr, 2=female/Ms/Mrs, 3=Dr/other) (to be confirmed)
v28: SkyMiles account number with 3 leading zeros (called "CustID" in previous data)
v29: Logged in (SM account)
v30: Customer Value Score (Questionable, and scale is unknown)
v31: RDM balance
v32: Dream trips from DL.com profile (encoded using key 2)
v33: MQM balance
v34: Activities & Interests from DL.com profile
v39: ?? Duplicate for Language ??
v40: ?? Duplicate for Country of Residence ??


Three different coding keys are used for variables 01, 04, 08, 13, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 32. For full mappings, click here: Keys 1, 2, and 3
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Old Jan 25, 13, 5:09 am
Join Date: May 2009
Location: PHL
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I got tagged as an O54, despite a number of inaccurate assumptions.

Probably the largest discrepancy between DL's data and reality is my income, which they have tagged as about 1/3 what it really is (perhaps reflecting my previous salary as a resident???)

Here are my data (trimmed of course). FO, been flying DL exclusively for the past 2 years.

"discSpndngAmt":"No idea where this number comes from",
"homeValueAmt":"0", (correct - I am a renter)
"mosaicCd":"O54", - maybe I got stuck here due to incorrect income and because i live inter-city?

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Old Jan 25, 13, 5:11 am
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SS from PM, CustValSeg 6

Income appears to be very old. Disposable income seems to correspond to my DL spend. Home value is not the Zillow value for my house, but may actually be the value of another property I own.
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Old Jan 25, 13, 5:16 am
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I really hope this info remains visible. Given that I haven't been on a DL flight since Nov. 30, have nothing booked, and this year will likely travel considerably less than half what I've averaged the past three, my "impressive" CusVal of 31 should plummet!
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Old Jan 25, 13, 5:46 am
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Seattle, WA
Programs: DL DM/MM, SPG Plat, National EC Exec
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Most of elements are empty values, but some of note. Also, on the mindset question, I'm living abroad in Ireland and have "IN" so seems to validate that theory. Seems silly to categorize everyone in "IN" if they really use this data for something... Would prefer to be "SS" it sounds like

"cobrandCardCd":"AX,AXCG", (Have DL Gold AX and AX Platinum/Personal)
,"mosaicCd":"" (boo, was hoping they'd tell me something about myself!)

Not sure how to parse this one:

I'm automatically a SC member based on DM status... Weird they'd lump Million Miler into the SC elements, if that's what this indicates (I am not an MM):
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Old Jan 25, 13, 5:48 am
Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: AL
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It's gotta be the higher the custvalseg the more important to DL. I'm a 6, FL and my FO wife is a 0 custvalseg. She has spent a grand total of $0.00 on DL this year. Only award tickets.

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Old Jan 25, 13, 5:54 am
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Originally Posted by doubleA View Post
Not sure how to parse this one:
I believe that's a future skyclub contract (i.e. - a 3 year contract or if you bought one with the diamond discount while still on contract with status)
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Old Jan 25, 13, 5:58 am
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Washington, DC
Programs: DL Diam 2MM (2.3), HH Gold, PC Gold, Hyatt Plat
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Thanks for this, very much.
If the spend is accurate -- and I haven't really tracked that too well myself then I may not have to worry to much about the MQD, I'm about there depending on whether or not taxes are included in this calculation.
Income estimate is way off -- less than half of actual last year.
My cust val is 2
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Old Jan 25, 13, 6:03 am
Join Date: Jan 2000
Location: ATL - DL DM/3MM - HH Lifetime Diamond - Marriott Plat
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Thanks for posting
I got SS
I'm a C11 - Upscale boomer-aged couples living in city and close-in suburbs - I guess that's right.
CustValSeg - 8
smMqmBal was my rollover amount
Home value amount was the recent appraisal from last years refinance - too low.
Income was correct from last years return - perhaps they got that info from the refinance?

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Old Jan 25, 13, 6:04 am
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I guess this probably explains why the website is so slow? They're more interested in pushing BS data about me than providing a portal to purchase their product. Way to go big D!!!

FWIW - PM, FL, 0-value

Mosaic is very weird but I would rather not say here....

I think my future pattern with this company is gonna be scorched earth. Take every single benefit I've been promised while moving my business elsewhere.
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Old Jan 25, 13, 6:17 am
Join Date: Mar 2004
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Where is the Ham Sandwich category?
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Old Jan 25, 13, 6:18 am
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Originally Posted by steex View Post
Updated as of all posts above this one (and some data received via Private Message):

BH from No Status, CustValSeg 0
DW from FO, CustValSeg 0
DW from DM, CustValSeg 20
FL from FO, CustValSeg 1
FL from FO, CustValSeg 2
FL from PM, CustValSeg 1
GT from DM, CustValSeg 0
GT from DM, CustValSeg 2
GT from DM, CustValSeg 27
IN from FO, CustValSeg 0
MM from FO, CustValSeg 0
MM from FO, CustValSeg 0
SS from GM, CustValSeg 2
SS from PM, CustValSeg 11
SS from PM, CustValSeg 5
SS from DM, CustValSeg 3
SS from DM, CustValSeg 6
SS from DM, CustValSeg 12
SS from Unknown Level, CustValSeg 5
I'm a PM, listed as DW.
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Old Jan 25, 13, 6:21 am
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Originally Posted by cmh flyer View Post
Where is the Ham Sandwich category?
It's like the 1 in math, it's just understood.

Although this CustSegVal could indicate approximately how many ham sandwiches each customer is worth. Sorry all of you 0's....
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Old Jan 25, 13, 6:25 am
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PM with a mindset of GT and value segment of 1. From the second half of 2010 through 2012, most of my travel was international, as I was LHR-based. I'm now back in the US. This supports the "Global Traveller" theory.

I'm also in the phantom kids group (apparently I have three, despite not having the sorts of attractions that can create kids by accident). My income amount is way off (assuming we're taking it to be in thousands), but on the high side. I've never claimed to make that much to AmEx, so the data can't be coming (exclusively) from there.
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Old Jan 25, 13, 6:29 am
FlyerTalk Evangelist
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What the hell, I will add my data points.

"mosaicCd":"N46" (True Grit American, not very accurate)

I hope my house is worth as much as they think it is. Income way low but close. It is even lower than when I applied for AMEX.
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Old Jan 25, 13, 6:32 am
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Originally Posted by cmh flyer View Post
I'm a PM, listed as DW.
They are only 2 letter codes, DW is short for DykWia

For me I am a FL/GM/1 which I would guess makes me worthless except for my plastic.

They have my income at about 1/3 the real value. Just a guess, could be the last time I filled out a full Amex application (whcih was so long ago I do not remember).

Have no clue where they came up with disp. inc., it is way high for DL spend and way low for anything else (including CC data). Could be close to my DL spend from 2011.

G24? Considiring they have my birthday correct, should be something like "silly old fart who thinks he's still a kid".
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