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Community Alert - "Upgrade Eligible" instead of "Upgrade Requested"

Community Alert - "Upgrade Eligible" instead of "Upgrade Requested"

Old Jan 18, 13, 5:05 pm
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Originally Posted by Ti22 View Post
The agent was doing you a favor splitting PNR's and if you get UG but companion doesn't the easy decision (for myself) is to give FC seat to GF/spouse and I'll ride in the back.

Some will argue it's not your seat to gift away but I've seen this and done it and not a problem with any flight crew I've encountered.

Seriously, even if you both get UG it's likely you won't be seated together and one of you will be begging to seat swap with somebody.
Unless your spouse would rather sit with you in the back than sit apart with her in FC. That was the very very very clear wishes Mrs. JB expressed on our recent vacay.
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Old Feb 20, 13, 9:25 pm
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The same thing just happened to me. I had previously checked all my reservations and all said "upgrade requested." I just looked again at a reservation for the day after tomorrow and all four flights now say "upgrade eligible." I called the diamond line and the customer representative said the system shows I declined an upgrade on those flights. He then spoke to a supervisor and came back on and said they know I didn't really decline an upgrade and this is an IT problem, but there's nothing they can do for me at this point because they can't take away an upgrade that was already given to a lower-level medallion to give it to me. (I absolutely agree with that and wouldn't want them to take the upgrade away from someone else). He said he has sent emails about this problem but Delta doesn't pay attention to him. He suggested that I send a complaint email as Delta will pay more attention to complaints from DMs. I don't know whether that's true, but I'll send the complaint.

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Wirelessly posted (iPhone 3G: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 6_1_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/536.26 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/6.0 Mobile/10B145 Safari/8536.25)

Happened to me this week as well.
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Happened to me this week. Gold agent said I declined the request.

It would appear they have figured out a simple solution to the large number of frequent flyers.
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Old Feb 20, 13, 10:52 pm
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I just checked my upcoming reservations and found a trip in March where my status had changed from Medallion Upgrade Requested to Upgrade Eligible. I am pretty sure I checked this after making the reservation a few weeks ago.

The Medallion line seemed to understand this is an IT problem and was happy to quickly fix this for me.

Thanks to the OP
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Old Feb 21, 13, 4:00 pm
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I have an flight early next week and I can't find where it says (or doesn't say) upgrade requested. Where can I find that information on the new site?
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Old Feb 21, 13, 4:09 pm
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Never mind, I found it, and it was "Upgrade Eligible" instead of requested, good thing I checked!
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Old Feb 21, 13, 4:39 pm
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I've made it a habit to confirm "UG requested" at T-7d for my flights this year. At least that will give me the best chance of clearning at or near my window rather than waiting all the way to BFUG just to realize that supposedly no upgrade was requested at all. Silly IT
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Old Feb 24, 13, 12:50 pm
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The problem is often caused by logging in to DL.com after you have started the reservation process. The system will show that you have requested the UG, but behind the scenes, it indicates you declined the UG.

I had this happen several times, but since I started making sure I was logged in before starting a reservation, it has not happened.

If you realize you are not logged in after doing a search for flights, close your browser, open a new one, log in and start your search from scratch. The alternative is to call after you make the reservation and have the agent make the correction.

Others claim there isn't a single issue causing this, but being logged in has been a solution which works for me. [url]http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/delta-skymiles/1383181-manually-upgrade-dl-com-when-upgrade-available.html[QUOTE]

After reading this I checked my current booking and all was correct. I am now trying to make another reservation and the system is totally screwed up. I know my account info has the upgrade request field checked.

I login using my sky miles info and book my ticket and the request upgrade field is ticked off. After booking and reviewing my booking I see that my upgrade status is changed to upgrade ineligible. " This should read upgrade requested"

So I now log out and commence to book another flight which at some stage asks me to enter my sky miles number and all my info is automatically filled in. In reviewing my purchase it now says Upgrade Eligible and not Upgrade requested. ........ Delta should fire everyone in their IT department.. and start with capable individuals who at least have some knowledge of programming.
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Originally Posted by coolie1 View Post
...After reading this I checked my current booking and all was correct. I am now trying to make another reservation and the system is totally screwed up. I know my account info has the upgrade request field checked....
There are actually two different glitches that people have been posting about recently. The solution you reference is to the second glitch, while you and the OP seem to be victim of the first glitch. The glitches both surround UGs. I've had both happen.
  • Glitch One, is where DL.com shows "Not Upgrade Eligible" during the booking process, although behind the scenes the flight is marked for upgrade. Sometimes it shows incorrectly during booking, but later shows the correct information, after booking. Sometimes the after-booking information still shows "Not Eligible" but when you call DL, you are told despite this, you are on the UG list.
  • Glitch Two is where DL.com shows that you are UG eligible during the booking at ticketing process, but something behind the scenes indicates you have declined the UG. Usually it isn't until the UG Window, when you see "Upgrade Available" instead of "Requested" that you know you've been victim of this glitch. This is the glitch that seems to be caused by entering your SM# after starting the booking process.

Hope that helps clear things up a little. Of course, DL's fixing the issues would clear things up much, much more.
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Old Oct 11, 13, 4:54 pm
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This just happened to me today on a flight booked for ~11 days from now. I DM'd @DeltaAssist with my Diamond # and confirmation # and I saw the statuses change from "Upgrade Eligible" to "Upgrade Requested." Quick fix, but still odd.

FWIW, it's a roundtrip with 1 leg on a small aircraft with no first/biz cabin, and the other leg with a first cabin.
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