Pet Carry-on in BE on A332 (ATL-LAX)?

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Pet Carry-on in BE on A332 (ATL-LAX)?

Delta's rules are somewhat unclear on whether pets are allowed in BusinessElite on the A330-200 when the aircraft is being operated on a domestic route. The rules here are clear that pets are not permitted to travel in BE internationally, but they take no position on domestic travel. It follows that a pet would be permitted in BE domestically. Alas, there is another rule. This one says simply that pets are not permitted on flights with lie-flat seats, and incorporates this link for reference to aircraft with lie-flat seats. Only 777, 747, and 767 with the true lie-flat seat are listed on that link--the A330s are (rightfully) not deemed lie-flat. So it follows, again, that a pet would be permitted in BE domestically on an A330, though not on a 777, 747, or 767.

Does this make sense to everyone else? I've already booked the ticket, but would like to deal with changing it sooner, rather than later. Thanks for any insight.
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My guess is that you have to have room under the seat in front of you for your pet for it to be permitted.
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Just because you have booked the ticket doesn't automatically mean that you can take the pet with you. You have to get approval from DL. I know it is a stretch but surely the agent who puts in your record that you are taking a pet with you would know the rules. But the bottom line will be that you have to have room under the seat in front of you for the pet carrier and planes that have lie-flat seats in BE do not allow for that room.
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Whenever we have flown with our cats, we were told Delta has a limit of 2 carriers first class cabin for some reason. It is my understanding depending on the aircraft there is a limit of 2 to 4 carriers in coach. I have no idea as to why Delta has a limit on pets seeing they charge such an absurd fee to bring a pet on board and it counts as one of your carryons. Be warned that Delta counts the carrier as one of your carryons even though you are paying a lot of money to bring the cat or dog on board.

I am not sure what species of a pet you are carrying on, but if it's a cat or a small dog, I would recomend a heavy duty cloth carrier. It is easier to manage as far as getting under the seat and you will have easier access to your pet. Also make sure you aren't assigned a first row seat since the carrier will have to go under the seat in front of you.

When we have to fly with our cats we can get both of them in the carrier and only have to pay one fee, so that is something else to consider if it's two small pets you are flying with, they both just have to be the same species. Our cats are best friends and it's a lot less stressful on them to be together in the carrier, so even if Delta were to charge us for two pets I would still try to keep them together.

I would also talk to your vet if your pet is hyper about possible meds to sedate him. Fortunately both our cats are great about travelling but some pets get traumatized by it.
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It could be because of allergies. I personally could not be on a an airplane full of cats without having an asthma attack, but one or two are ok.
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It might also be a precaution to prevent noise. Two dozen dogs barking and howling throughout a flight would not be good. Some animals would react to the smell if there were a strange animal under the seat next to them. Limiting the number allows there to be some space between various pets.
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I've seen carry-on pets and a large service dog allowed on the LAX-ATL A332 flight in the past.
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