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MikeyZBT Sep 25, 12 10:54 am

A330-200: PTV in Coach?
Hey there-

I can't find a definitive answer on seatguru or on Do the A330-200's (that they will start using on ATL-LIM this winter) have Personal TV's for coach (i.e. head-to-tail)? If so, WOO HOO!

I notice, though, on April 1st, the plane will switch back to the ex-Gulf Air 767-300. Any interesting information about this plane? From what I am reading, this plane definitely does NOT have PTV in coach, right?

Thanks for any help!

akonradi Sep 25, 12 11:02 am

The A330s do have PTVs throughout the economy cabin. The ex-Gulf Air 767s do not.

JoeBagodonuts Sep 25, 12 11:06 am

awesome news
hopefully they all work LOL

PDXNRTLHR Sep 25, 12 11:19 am

I hope the internationally configured 763s get upgraded in a timely manner. There's nothing quite like nothing a flight on an A330 only to have a schedule change put you in a plane with no AVOD.

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