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onic Aug 30, 12 3:53 pm

"Not Upgrade Eligible" on all flights?
Anyone else having this issue - DM status and all the flights I search for this weekend return as "Not Upgrade Eligible" it does not matter what city pair or aircraft. I can't figure out whats going on -

MSPeconomist Aug 30, 12 4:04 pm

Are you using delta.dumb, logged in, and NOT searching for an award ticket?

122554 Aug 30, 12 4:04 pm


dcline414 Aug 30, 12 4:12 pm

Seems to be (yet another) IT glitch. See the following threads:

SteveMSflyer Aug 30, 12 7:02 pm

PM level, same issue.

stylo4444 Aug 30, 12 7:12 pm

How wonderful. Thank you DL. :rolleyes:

netweaver Aug 31, 12 10:29 am

It's definitely a website issue. I called Delta Skymiles Onesource to book my flight and complained about the website. She said that she had not heard any complaints about it until my call (?). She also suggested that I go back to the first screen and make sure the box was checked to "Request Upgrade". I didn't see any box on the first screen, but I do remember there being a checkbox at one time.

She booked my flight for me and I can see online that it has "Upgrade Requested" status.

Sez_Who Aug 31, 12 10:35 am

We just had a long thread on this. Seems the problem is an IT glitch. Diamond line told me they had two meetings about it yesterday.

Strange part, after you complete your rez info, then all the flights will say they are Upgrade Eligible. Tried it yesterday for 2 t-cons and sure enough, it does work.

xolinlevh Aug 31, 12 10:49 am

Same here, looking at a 5 seg MR and everything was showing not eligible

slipbeer Aug 31, 12 11:56 am

Buy yer tickets, it's ok and apparently they need some money to pay someone fix it or something like that.

LBJ Aug 31, 12 12:12 pm

My itins still look fine (Upgrade Requested on eligible flights).

tnpackfan Aug 31, 12 1:18 pm

Happened to me when booking several trips yesterday afternoon. Once the trip was purchased, the "upgrade requested" appeared.
Of course, I quickly tabbed over to FlyerTalk to see if anyone else was encountering this :)

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