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knoa_knows Nov 2, 11 6:07 am

Disgusting feet on bulkhead
My greeting on boardng LGA to MSP was feet way up on the bulkhead. If I had a way I would post the photo I took. ... is wrong with people???

MachOne Nov 2, 11 6:10 am

It always amazes me that people think it is OK to put one's feet on the bulkhead wall.


bubbashow Nov 2, 11 6:30 am

Just a disgusting reflection on the entitled, boorish behavior of society today. HA actually has a no feet sign on the bulkheads.

knoa_knows Dec 12, 11 1:20 pm

Etiquette question - is this acceptable:
DL 2119, LGA to MSP 11/2/2011...

stealph Dec 12, 11 1:22 pm

That's just gross.

nebraskaboy Dec 12, 11 1:22 pm

Originally Posted by knoa_knows (Post 17612708)
DL 2119, LGA to MSP 11/2/2011...

You would never (probably) do that in your own home, why would you do this in public!?!

mendel k Dec 12, 11 1:23 pm

Totally gross

TTT Dec 12, 11 1:25 pm

I agree - gross.

Wasn't this posted last week though?

plagwate Dec 12, 11 1:30 pm

Alas, some folks just can't keep their ankles out of the air. :rolleyes:

Junior Varsity Dec 12, 11 1:32 pm

Not gross per se, but not something one should do in a plane that you don't own. :)

jsmith50 Dec 12, 11 1:36 pm

Hmm...violation of FT rules to begin multiple threads with the exact same complaint, question, picture, etc. ???

obscure2k Dec 12, 11 1:42 pm

Duplicate Thread posted by OP a few weeks ago.
Closing this thread.
Delta Moderator

RSSrsvp Dec 12, 11 1:47 pm

Originally Posted by jsmith50 (Post 17612829)
Hmm...violation of FT rules to begin multiple threads with the exact same complaint, question, picture, etc. ???

Yes this was posted once before and closed by this moderator.
This thread is also closed for the exact same reason.

RSSrsvp - Moderator

kuhlguy Dec 27, 11 12:16 am

Was flying the ATL-ONT route this past Sat (12/24) which is usually a super easy upgrade to get (GM here and am 100% on this route, both directions). Anyway, 12 hours out and there were 18 seats open in 1st class. Flight was oversold so they bumped up a lot of people. That combined with the fact that it was a holiday crowd made for some very interesting characters (at one point, a rather large gentleman bent over and his sweats didn't really cover his toosh ... yea ... that was a hairy flub of blub I wish I didn't have to see).

Anyway, I digress. I have heard people complain about feet on the bulkhead. But here we go. Never in my life have I seen something like this. As you can see this guy has his massive boots all the way up straddling the PVT - for the full 4hr30min flight!!! I have no idea how this is even remotely comfortable but this guy's feet are now above his head ..........

Edit: Not sure why the image isn't working ... here's a link

davetravels Dec 27, 11 12:31 am

For anyone afraid to click on the link, don't worry, it's not a hairy tooshpic! ;)

BTW . . . Someone is bound to suggest to you, ever so kindly, to make your thread titles a tad more descriptive in the future.

. . . . . Oh, I guess I just did! :)

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