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CEUflyer Apr 9, 12 8:20 am

KL Codeshare vs Non-Codeshare Question
I have a question for the experts regarding KLM codeshares on DL tickets. Thanks in advance.

Background: I am flying with a family member from the US to CPH in two months on separate PNRs. On the return, a major schedule change rolled out this weekend to the final domestic leg from DTW forced us to have the routing changed to CPH-AMS on KL, AMS-ATL on DL, then one more DL flight home. Because there were two separate PNRs, the agent had to work on them one at a time. For some reason, on the KLM flight, the agent booked me on the codeshare flight (DL 9xxx) in Y class and put the family member on the actual KLM flight (KL xxxx) in M class. The original tickets were booked in U on DL. The tickets got reissued about 36 hours later and still reflect Y on DL for me and M on KL for the family member for that segment (DL U the rest of the way)

Question: Could there be any issues in starting the return with one person on the DL flight number and the other on KL? I'm thinking check-in, seat assignments, checked luggage?

It appears that M fares on KL earn full mileage and 150% MQM (same as DL Y), so there shouldn't be an issue with miles. In fact, we might get a few bonus MQMs over the original U fare.

NWA/Deltaflygirl Apr 9, 12 8:35 am

Short answer - no it should be fine - same 'metal', same ship, even though they are different PNRs - We CAN actually work up to three PNRs at the same time which is why I suggest that people let ME do the combination 'one award one paid' ticket - after all, I can do it all in one fell swoop, including but not limited to matching up EXACT flights and doing the seat assignments.

It can take me 3 minutes to do what some people 'fight' with for ages on line and if I make a mistake, ( ie one person is leaving at 9 am and I've popped the other person on the 9 PM flight, and YES, it does happen) I can correct it in seconds - perhaps without you even knowing it!

It's a small percentage of the ticket price, and I happen to think it's worth the price of saving YOU time and aggravation, and making a smoother trip for you in the end.

CEUflyer Apr 9, 12 8:46 am

Thanks NWA/Deltaflygirl. Glad to hear it won't be a problem.

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