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What is the most $$$ received from volunteer off OVERSOLD flight?

What is the most $$$ received from volunteer off OVERSOLD flight?

Old Mar 7, 12, 4:16 pm
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What is the most $$$ received from volunteer off OVERSOLD flight?

I travel every week and now on a flight leg that continues to be oversold every week.

I am wondering if,

1) Does being Diamond lend me a larger voucher? Afterall it is at the GA's decision and I am a premier flyer.

2) Through the online system, they limit you to $400. However my flights are consistently over $800. I would think I could go up to GA and ask for $600 and it would be feasible. UNLESS there is a hard limit of $400 that the GA can offer. HAS ANYONE RECEIVED MORE THAN $400 FOR A DOMESTIC VOUCHER?
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Old Mar 7, 12, 4:23 pm
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$400 (many times), $300 (several times), $200 (once).

Once got bumped twice for $800 total; does that count?
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Old Mar 7, 12, 4:33 pm
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What is the most $$$ received from volunteer off OVERSOLD flight?

Which flights day/times? I used to go through Seattle enroute to Tokyo on Fridays and always seem to see a Volunteers Needed at the gate when I arrived, and scored a $750 voucher, hotel and next day business class each time.
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Old Mar 7, 12, 4:34 pm
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Today - MSP-DEN $400 plus $10 voucher for dinner. Last year took a bump NRT-GUM for $750 plus night in NRT and dinner voucher.
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Old Mar 7, 12, 4:42 pm
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Took the bump and locked a seat on the next flight, that original flight was cancelled, then took the bump again on a now oversold flight.

1st bump = $400 + $18 vouchers
2nd bump = $600 + $24 vouchers + overnight hotel at Hilton + first class next day

All together within 3 hours I had made $1,000, $42 vouchers, hotel, first

That was a great day ... paying for my little trip to paris next month!!

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Old Mar 7, 12, 4:48 pm
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Last year, I got $600 once for a 9am from ATL-DFW. First confirmed seat was at 1:30, but I managed to get on the 11am standby. I think I was GM (maybe FO?) at the time?

I don't think status has anything to do with the offer amount. Nor does fare paid. You can argue, but if they can get someone else for $200, why pay you $400+? All they need is a seat. They don't care whose butt used to be in it. That's why it's called VOLUNTARY denied boarding.

I know that as DM they will provide hotel vouchers for stranding you overnight, even if it's because of weather. I would assume any decent VDB package requiring an overnight would have hotel included.
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Old Mar 7, 12, 4:58 pm
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I think status helps with vouchers only, not compensation. I have been sent to better hotels and higher meal vouchers.
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Old Mar 7, 12, 5:01 pm
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400 is my maximum. Never had/would accept less.
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Old Mar 7, 12, 5:06 pm
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$400 plus vouchers three for breakfast, lunch, dinner and re-booked on a different airline with a direct flight. Unfortunately they did not pull one of my two checked luggage from the original flight otherwise I would have saved an hour travel time. I had to call to get the mileage credit for my original flight though since they didn't credit me with any miles.

BTW, I was glad for the Delta luggage app. With that I knew what was going on with my luggage that didn't get pulled from the flight.
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Old Mar 7, 12, 5:53 pm
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$1000 for a single bump.

I was originally flying DCA-BOS-LHR.

I took a bump on the TATL and flew BOS-JFK-LHR.

I was promised $800, but an error in the computer caused me to get a $600 and a $400 voucher. When I told the agent about the error, he said, "whatever."

I also kept my BE seat which I had upgraded using an SWU.
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Old Mar 7, 12, 6:00 pm
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I think everyone's getting $400 out of STL today. The checkin attendant made the comment that every flight is so overbooked, they may have to just bump everyone to get the planes out. I know she was joking, but for every flight out of STL since 2:00 has been -4, -9, etc.
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Old Mar 7, 12, 6:04 pm
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I've seen $600 for an international flight (1x/day, so would have to wait 24 hours. Hotel provided).

I would have taken it but I had a meeting at the other end. No oversell on the return .

Although I'm curious what they would have done with my upgrade had I accepted it (North American international, so still eligible for UDU).
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Old Mar 7, 12, 6:38 pm
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$800 international, 600 domestic last month
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Old Mar 7, 12, 7:22 pm
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The highest I ever saw offered was a particular oversold B/E situation, where they had THREE too many passengers, IIRC it was $1500 cash, 1000 MCO and a choice of staying the night with food and lodging paid, connecting through another city and carrier and arriving much later, OR a guaranteed middle row on a MD11 on the same flight.
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Old Mar 7, 12, 7:43 pm
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$1000 twice. Flying out of Stuttgart the weekend before Christmas.

Was bumped the first day, which worked out well because I would have been stuck in ATL as my end destination was snowed in.

The second day took the same offer.

Lots of servicemen were trying to get home during that period and paying pretty high ticket prices.
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