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stiltwalker Feb 19, 12 7:37 am

Looking for an FA
Anyone have any idea how I find an FA I met couple of weeks ago PWM-ATL? It was the first time seeing this crew and I fly this route often. He was really chatty but it was awkward 'meeting' someone like that (I think I hit him with my carry-on too). Any advice would be helpful. Not sure how often people do this.

bwhite Feb 19, 12 7:46 am

You could try but I think you can understand for security and privacy reasons it is unlikely you will be able to track them down otherwise.

plagwate Feb 19, 12 7:55 am

Or if he's ATL-based, there's always Craigslist.

N808DE Feb 19, 12 9:50 am

I've gotten email addresses and phone numbers before from FAs, but never after the flight. You have to seize the moment when you're on the plane! :cool: Good luck though!

Thomas Hudson Feb 19, 12 10:20 am

You can always park your van by the employee parking lot and then follow them home... the waiting is the hardest part....

InTokyo Feb 19, 12 10:21 am

You'll see him again! Just keep flying the route.

Fly_Delta_Jets Feb 19, 12 1:55 pm

Originally Posted by Thomas Hudson (Post 18044272)
You can always park your van by the employee parking lot and then follow them home... the waiting is the hardest part....


Even if you were able to find someone who was willing to look up that info, the system that allows past flight crews to be looked up doesn't go back for more than a few days. You could always try to describe said FA to one of the GAs at PWM or another flight crew--they may have some idea.

iTanNicNic Feb 19, 12 7:21 pm

A week ago a guy sitting next to my brother on a MD-88 (he was in the row before the exit that doesn't recline, I upgraded to EC) was hitting on a rather flamboyant f/a hardcore, and ended up getting his number.

jsmith50 Feb 19, 12 9:06 pm

You find that many times, FAs fly the same routes routinely as part of their scheduling preferences (especially those with seniority and the ability to handpick their routes). Even if you don't see this particular FA for a while, other 'regulars' on this route may be able to give you some information if you ask nicely and don't suggest in any way you are stalking this particular FA!

Thomas Hudson Feb 19, 12 9:14 pm

As soon as I find Leslie J, I will be gald to sell you my van real cheap and throw in the clown suit and gen 2 night vision goggles...

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