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Delta SC MCO - Possible Age Discrimination?

Delta SC MCO - Possible Age Discrimination?

Old Oct 8, 11, 3:27 am
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Delta SC MCO - Possible Age Discrimination?

Hello, FT'er's. I'm creating this thread for the purpose of a) confirming my suspicions and b) finding out what I can do if I have in fact been wronged.

I'm pretty sure that the minimum age to enter the Orlando SC is 18 because they have a staffed bar (at least, according to the DL website, that is the case). Am I correct on this?

With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, I'll get to the story.

I am a paying DL SC member. Recently, I entered the SC at MCO with a friend of mine while on a trip. I wait patiently for the desk agent to notice me. After a short wait, the agent curtly asks me if there is anything she can help me with. I say "yes" as I hand over my GM credentials and my photo ID. After scanning my GM card and glancing at my photo ID, she snidely asks me how old I am. I politely reply with my age (Yes, I am old enough to own a SC membership and enter most clubs alone). Upon hearing my age, the agent brusquely tells me that "You must be 21 or older to enter the club" and waves me away from the desk. I simply reply "have a good afternoon" and leave the club. I was never rude, inappropriate, or confrontational at all, but I know that I was turned away because the desk agent simply didn't like seeing someone my age enter the SC (again, I am of legal age to enter every SC that is 18+, but not the ones that are 21+). I also noticed that the bar was staffed that day.

What do you guys think? Should I contact DL on this one? Any help would be appreciated.
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Old Oct 8, 11, 3:41 am
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As a 22-year-old PM and paid Sky Club member as well, I certainly understand. I have quite frequently had agents make snide remarks about my age, especially at the self-serve clubs. It just seems in poor taste, since I'm almost always traveling in business attire.

It might not hurt to send in a note - you were denied access to the club even though you were entitled to it. I don't understand why they get so crazy about age when you are clearly a paying member - I have quite frequently responded to these inquisitions with something along the lines of "Would I really spend $400 if I weren't 18?"

Why didn't you respond with the fact that since you were 18+, you are indeed entitled to access in non self-serve clubs?
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Old Oct 8, 11, 3:41 am
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Yes, you should contact DL, as under this list, MCO is not a 21+ only club.

And like the poster above, I also get snide remarks about my age when entering SCs, even the 18+ ones (I'm 21, about to hit GM). It's pretty damn annoying.
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Old Oct 8, 11, 4:03 am
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Maybe because MCO is a zoo and the SC agent didn't want the SC to become one too?

Kidding aside, I get told I'm in the wrong place all the time due to my age and youthful appearance (SC, SP security line, SP line, etc). I just get used to it and don't really mind too much. Rather look young then like many DM's I see...
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Old Oct 8, 11, 4:10 am
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I've always worked either in the technology or niche sports industries, where our dress code is "wear clothes", and I virtually never schedule my travel so that I'm going directly to or coming directly from a work function.

This means my flight attire is usually jeans, sandals, t-shirt.

I'm getting a bit longer in the tooth now, but have been doing this for almost 10 years, so if it's not quite as easy to confuse me for a 18-year-old as it used to be, I've been there.

*VERY* occasionally I've been politely asked if I intend to be using elite check-in, but otherwise I have never been on the receiving end of the behavior you describe.

I might chalk it up to simply making sure you look like you belong there... and I don't mean attire, I mean, walk up to the lounge dragon, smile, hand her your credentials, say hello and ask what the status of your upgrade is. You'll never have this problem again!
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Old Oct 8, 11, 4:21 am
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Thanks for your replies! It's interesting to hear how many people have similar experiences. I was dressed nicely that day, was in no way rude or impolite (even though the courtesies I showed were utterly unrequited). Has anyone found other Airline Lounges (i.e. UA RCC) to be better?
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Old Oct 8, 11, 10:51 am
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I've had a couple strange looks from both Priority Checkin lines, and the SC. I respond like another poster above said. Look like you know you're supposed to be there. Walk up briskly, be polite, ask how their day has been, and ask if the UG list has changed. It happened this week in the ATL D SC. Once he realized I'm DL PL, and have the Reserve, he was helpful, but before that, I had a hard time having him acknowledge I was standing right in front of his desk.

I chalk it up to those DL employees that age discriminate (which is more than you old-timers would believe) are merely jealous and have much worse life issues and inferiority complexes. I'm not arrogant about flying, but I know what service I should, and should not, receive.

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Old Oct 8, 11, 11:29 am
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What do you guys think? [/QUOTE]

I think it's a bit of a stretch to say it was "age discrimination" versus " the SC agent made a mistake". Yes, you should contact Delta so they can educate her so she doesn't make the mistake again. In her defense, the SC employee probably doesn't run across too many people between 18-21 with SC memberships.
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Old Oct 8, 11, 11:44 am
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Just complain a little bit about the SC dragon, reiterating the rules are SC membership for 18+, and you clearly meet them.

It's all about you acting like you've been there before; most customer-service folks won't discuss a problem if they don't have to, and they won't start a new problem with you if you exude confidence/competence/status.

On a side note, enjoy the youthful looks while you can, guys.

I was getting carded (for booze AND smokes) until I was 33; there were many times (and places) I was glad to still look young. Generally, travelling was not one of them (except around college spring breaks / schoolie weeks, when bringing 'guests' you'd meet at the gates into 'your' SC is great).

They'd get pretty 'brave' when we'd start discussing the hottest one of them possibly obtaining a MHC membership on our upcoming transoceanic flight.

It's nice.

Then one day, those hot girls start calling you, 'sir,' when they speak to you.

And then that first gray hair shows up......
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Old Oct 8, 11, 12:27 pm
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Hey, it could be worse, I suppose -- I had a flight attendant ask me to verify my age last year in an exit row. I was startled, to say the least.

I have also been told that I don't belong in the SP check-in line before - most recently by an agent in ANC who I guess did not see my PM tags and previous Sky Priority tags on my luggage, who asked if I was a FC passenger. I informed her that the line was reserved for FC passengers and Medallion members.

Stand your ground, even if it is a bit embarrassing. I may be young, but I have just as much of a right to be in the SC as any other paid member.
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Old Oct 8, 11, 12:41 pm
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I'm just outta college and usually get a double look on SC check-in -- but as I proceed as if I belong, I always get decent service.

I get way more dirty looks from all the old people in the skyclub as if anyone under 40 shouldn't be allowed in this sacred place.

I'm always carded by the bartenders but they are always very professional and polite. After all they can lose their job if they don't card the wrong person.
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Old Oct 8, 11, 2:44 pm
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Originally Posted by johnm1019 View Post
I get way more dirty looks from all the old people in the skyclub as if anyone under 40 shouldn't be allowed in this sacred place.
As long as you're not running around screaming in the SC, I don't care how old you are. If you have a membership, you're entitled to be there no matter how old you are.
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Old Oct 8, 11, 3:31 pm
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Very disheartening to hear what happened to the OP in the MCO club. I would definitely alert Delta to the matter. I am 22 and haven't experienced any age discrimination. I'm only at the MCO club in the early mornings since I prefer early morning flights and have always had great service from the employees. I just wish they would keep the temp a little cooler in the MCO club, it can feel very warm at times. Again I really hope Delta will address this issue. A customer should be treated with respect no matter what their age is.

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Old Oct 8, 11, 3:38 pm
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Wow this surprising because MCO SC staff is great. If you visit during the afternoon international departures, the place is packed full of kids. Not sure why they would care about a 18-20 yr old coming into the SC.
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Old Oct 8, 11, 5:19 pm
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I'm 31 now and still occasionally get the "are you sure you are not travelling on your father's membership" question. I think the healthiest approach is to take their questioning as a compliment, while being both firm and polite that you have paid to access the lounge.
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