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I have been contemplating this thread for several years. From a pragmatic and intellectual level, I fully understand that DL cannot support so many hubs, and I have tried in vain to look at the changes at CVG dispassionately. But the most recent cuts that reduced CVG to 150 flights a day has pushed me over the edge....

I can't say I am surprised. After all, what would a reasonable person expect would happen after the ex-CEO of NW, who built DTW into the hub it was for NW, realistically think would happen to CVG?

I was going to disparage and ridicule Dick Anderson in this thread. In preparation for writing this thread, I checked out his bio. Unfortunately for me, he has overcome personal tragedy ( parents dying while in college and being forced to take care of his younger siblings while attending college), so my initial goal of ridiculing him as a "frat boy from Houston Univ" is not going to fly. I just don't roll that way.

But I am still so pissed off I doubt I will ever feel the same way again about DL. I feel like CVG has been lied to and betrayed, the faithful wife left for the skank pole dancer named DTW. I am the idiot that supported DL even when air fares were the highest in the USA...for over 10 years ! Or the fact that my fellow CVG flyers who would go to DAY to take their trips (that would connect through CVG) and pay $400.00 less for their ticket and still have a higher fare designation, and thus getting the upgrade that should have gone to a flyer who was paying $400.00 more for two segments less.

I am the DL idiot who bought DL stock the day the market opened after 9/11, just to show my support for my airline in a difficult time.

And the lies...Oh the lies after the merger !! Search the web for articles right after the merger was announced, and how it would affect the respective hubs. There are some articles that quoted DL management that indicate that CVG would grow, with Asian flights a possibility IF the merger was approved. Sugar coated words to lull the sheep into complacency....while MSP and DTW politicians get locked and loaded. ( On this, I blame the dysfunctional regional governments of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana).

For those of you who use to fly through CVG on a regular basis, I think you might appreciate what a special place it was if you were on mainline aircraft. But if you had to connect to a Comair flight, then you are painfully aware of one of the few shortcomings in CVG. A simple addition of a CR/SC to Concourse C would have alleviated many of these complaints. But if you used CVG as your international gateway, then you know how pleasurable and easy it was to breeze through customs and immigration. And between 2000 and 2008, I would put DL's CVG staff up against anyone.

I don't expect sympathy, but I think a little empathy is deserved. After all, how would you all feel if ATL had their flights reduced by 75%, only to see those flight go to...Macon ? That's what it is like for a CVG'er to see the flights go to DTW.

And don't preach to me about O&D traffic. DL made a conscious decision to drive traffic to outlying airports by making CVG the most expensive airport to fly in and out of.

RIP CVG. It was great while it lasted.

And while I have tried to maintain some decorum in writing this thread, I cannot resist.....

Dick Anderson before he d***s you !
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CVG was truly a very pleasant place to connect, and my family and I have used it numerous times over the years to get to places like TUS, PHX, and PDX regularly. (The evening PDX flight used to be an MD11 that stopped in PDX before proceeding to Asia.) The main CRC was great, and if the connection was long enough, there was always Cheers to grab a bite to eat. There was enough of a flight load that one could often line up for 30 minutes or more for takeoff.

I honestly believe that the beginning of the end for CVG was the Comair strike so many years ago. But I agree with the OP... CVG had excellent ground staff. I too am sad to see it dismantled.
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RIP CVG! It will dearly be missed. I used to live in the Nasty Natti and I miss the days of flying thru there on a weekly basis.
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CVG was dead even before the merger.
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Originally Posted by Feather Man
if you had to connect to a Comair flight, then you are painfully aware of one of the few shortcomings in CVG.

O'my am I soooo happy to never, ever, ever step again into that hell hole of a round "box". Loud, bus, dirty and on and on....

RIP????? Once in a while you have to dump the kitty litter when it stinks so bad that even the CAT would go on the floor next to the box.

(maybe I should not sugar coat this so much you may not get what I am trying to say?)
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Not going to miss CVG at all. I generally try to avoid any connections through there.
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I thought CVG was a very easy airport to make connections... its a shame that its been reduced to mostly barbi-jets
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RIP CVG, I will miss the great SC and Gold Star between flights!
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I feel bad for the many employees that lost their jobs as a result of cutbacks, it angered so many employees, I'm surprised that airport wasn't burned to the ground
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I hate CVG! I got shot in Cleveland in February and almost died on the way to MetroHealth. I'm never going there for business again, and I hope DL totally abandons that place!
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-DTW actually shrank under Richard Anderson. He most definitely did not build the hub.

-DL began downsizing CVG well before the merger was announced.

-DL's facilities at Terminal B are top notch. Terminal A was small and cramped while Terminal C needed to be reconstructed. Given DL's increasing reliance on RJ, most passengers experienced the latter. Their experience wasn't memorable. Overall, the facilities at DTW - including the FIS - are superior.

-In recent years, DL had made noise that ATL was the only bright spot within its network. Why do you think DL acquired NW, anyway? For a fleet of DC-9? DTW is a significantly stronger international business community than CVG.

-Given the proximity of DL's hubs, and the necessities of synergies, it would've been foolish to think DL would've co-operated DTW & CVG long-term. CVG still maintains service to more than 50 communities and 130-150 daily departures (depending on the season).

-During merger talks, even if DL had been blunt and stated 'we intend to replace CVG with MSP & DTW as our Midwestern gateways; CVG has been a mediocore performer in recent years, we don't see that trend changing, and we think the MSP & DTW combination will yield sigificantly more positive results... CVG will continue to be a part of DL's network, with service to over 30 communities and more than 100 daily flights', the merger would've still be approved.
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Maybe I would feel differently if the users of that airport didn't love cigarettes so much. You can't walk by a restaurant, much less walk into one, without being overcome by the retched stench of cigarettes. Truly awful conditions allowed by an awful airport authority.
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Originally Posted by chrisbond1000
I hate CVG! I got shot in Cleveland in February and almost died on the way to MetroHealth. I'm never going there for business again, and I hope DL totally abandons that place!
CVG is Cincinnati, not Cleveland.
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Originally Posted by chrisbond1000
I hate CVG! I got shot in Cleveland in February and almost died on the way to MetroHealth. I'm never going there for business again, and I hope DL totally abandons that place!

Wait, what?
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I love CVG myself.
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