Upgrade Chances: The Definitive Thread

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Originally Posted by TheHorta View Post

I didn’t use the RUC. I cleared DTW>HSV at the window, then applied the RUC only to LAX>DTW, which looked like it cleared, and then DL did their “Lucy with the football” yet again.

I didn’t have the ticket reissued, but I certainly will from henceforth. After the ex-AMS GUC debacle in September I’ve come to realize the even a reissued ticket is no guarantee of a seat.

I was meeting a family member at DTW arriving on a different flight and we flew home to HSV together, where we were both in first.

Also, whether relevant or not, the check-in agent, who appeared quite clueless (though very nice), for some reason broke up my single itinerary of LAX>DTW>HSV into two completely different itineraries at check-in. I have no idea why and I don’t know if this had anything to do with it.

When I got to the gate, the GA said F was checked in full, and it was full with no UGs showing in the app to F.

Yet again, Delta hates me.
My fault for misunderstanding the cert. You cleared into RU for DTW-HSV, got it.

The moment the check in agent seemed clueless or messed with your reservation is when to ask for a Red Coat. Immediately. Then you can politely hold them to account for your seat in FC.

I had a clueless agent at check in recently screw up a reservation and upgrade very, very badly. The airport wasn't that helpful but surprisingly the DM line made miracles happen.
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Originally Posted by TheHorta View Post
Well... got shoehorned into a C+ (10A) seat. ;-(

Seriously, I just don’t fit into these seats. Lesson learned.
I think here's the problem:
Originally Posted by TheHorta View Post
Booked LAX>BHM. Applied RUC to LAX>DTW as DTW>BHM cleared at window.
You booked LAX>BHM but you flew LAX>HSV.
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In April I'll be flying the Delta nonstop BOS-CUN with my wife. I'm a platinum medallion and have a Reserve card. Any guesses on upgrade chances? I'm wondering if it makes sense to apply RUCs this early on or if I should hold off for now. Currently 15/20 seats showing as open in F both ways.
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with RUCs, there's really no advantage to waiting. Time of request is the tiebreaker on the waitlist.
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Thanks so much for the quick reply -- I think my real question is if I need to use RUC at all or if I should just try for the battlefield upgrade. My guess is that we will probably clear, but on the other hand I don't have any other use in mind for them and try to always be up front when travelling with family (because at this point it's more fun to see them enjoy it than to sit up front travelling for business). So maybe I am answering my own question!
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It depends what your goals are. If you want to maximize your chances of sitting in front, use the RUCs now (you can also call or Tweet to ask if there is availability without committing to using them).

If you want to minimize your chances of "wasting" RUCs when you would have cleared the complimentary upgrade, wait and see how the upgrade list looks on the day of travel and apply the RUC if it looks like it will help (I forget exactly but I think you cannot waitlist once inside 3 hours).

There is some in-between here of applying or not outside the 5-day window based on what the seat map looks like (with the usual caveats about the accuracy of going by the seat map), and if you did waitlist but haven't cleared yet you can remove the RUC request before the window opens etc.
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