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Help!!! My Delta Air Lines SkyMiles Have Already Expired! What Should I Do?

A few years ago the other half flew Delta to France for business. Since he hasn't had any flights or other activity since then, his 10,000 miles expired on 1/13. Last week he was told he will be flying about once a month from ABE-ONT for work. That's when I checked his account and found out the miles had expired. I emailed Delta asking if they would reinstate the miles since it was only 3 weeks ago and they said no. He has already flown his first trip. Any chance I can get them to change their decision?

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Expired miles - Is there any hope?

I just realised I had 15.4k orphan Delta miles which expired Dec 01. I called Delta and was told there was no way to resurrect them. I wanted to transfer them into my HH account.
Any ideas form the Delta experts?


OH, welcome Taylor !

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I doubt it. They refused an upgrade in error then refused to extend the upgrade points I had.
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In the past AA had a policy of allowing members to recover recently expired miles for immediate award redemption. I don't think they permitted transfer to another program like HH.

I've never heard of DL allowing recovery of expired miles in any circumstance - but even AA's policy wouldn't help in this case.
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I managed to get ~100k miles (from my uncle's account) reinstated in February of this year, on the condition that there would be activity within the next 90 days. I simply called and asked nicely. They reinstated the miles and they now have a December 2005 expiry (thanks to an MYOB registration bonus).
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Expired Miles

Rats...I let some miles expire as of 12/31/02, enough for a domestic U.S. ticket. However, they still show available on the Delta website. So are they really gone? Site not updated yet?

Could they be saved....get an on-line award ticket, then redeposit? Transfer to a hotel program?

Anyone had any experience with this?

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Try booking an award ticket and see what happens.
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Delta Miles Expired

Need expert advice on getting 200,000 Skymiles expired in 2002 reinstated since have had 3+ years of no account activity.

My case: I had no notice or correspondence. Moved from Atlanta to Chicago in '97, few Delta flights, nothing against Delta, but I can get a nonstop anywhere from here, just not on Delta. Many of the miles were transferred in from Amex. My zip code changed in '99 or so, which may have contributed. My address changed in '98 which may have also been an issue. Employed by one of Deltas single largest corporate customers. Amex Platinum card has 50,000 miles, assumed they were Delta because they could be transferred in. 1 million Platinum on AA now, and Premier on United. Many of these items probably dont matter.

Called Delta they said the rules were sent to me in 1995 (I am serious). Booked a flight yesterday and my seat assignment was not correct so I asked how many miles I had, and they told me 200k expired last year and I about passed out.

Any ideas as to what may trigger a positive response from Delta? Reactivation fee? Use them in 120 days? Anything? Am I out of luck?
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Gotta think this is gonna be a tough sell. You have admitted that you are not giving them any revenue these days, and want them to reinstate a liability (to them) that they have already written off. What would make that worth their while? Do you control travel for anyone who does fly on Delta? Can you promise them some flights over the next several months (preferably at full Y fares or close to it)? I gotta think that Delta has to find something in this for them, in order for you to have a chance at persuading them.

If you sent them a change of address and they never changed your address on their account, you may have something. But otherwise, I think you have a difficult row to hoe.

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Doesn't hurt to try.

I had the same problem, but on a much smaller scale. In the end I was basically told that by maintaining a Skymiles account, I was agreeing to their Terms of Service, which of course may be changed at any time.

Best of luck.

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I wonder what the percentage of expired SkyMiles is on an annual basis. Does anyone know?
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I agree. You are a proven NON-customer with no flights in 3 years, so you will have trouble throwing weight around.

And, you were surely sent notification of the rules, though few of us read all that stuff. Expiration dates are printed on lots of statements though.

As said before, try if you can, but they are in the right and see little value in making you mad. If they give in, you now have enough miles for 8 domestic flights meaning even less chance that you will be spending money with them. So, why should they break the rules and give you the miles.

Let us know what happens.

Here is an outside shot at getting them back. Can you find a hotel or car rental activity someplace that would have kept you going for another few years? Try to get manual credit which would reactivate the account.
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Thanks. I hear you, I have a feeling I am toast on this.
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I still have an account, just 45k instead of 245k. All of your input makes sense, appreciate it. I'll make my appeal and see what happens. I am going to point out a significant portion were transfers in from Amex. Why would I transfer any more Amex miles to Delta? What does Delta tout as advantages to Skymiles? Seems equal to or worse than any other program.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Here is an outside shot at getting them back. Can you find a hotel or car rental activity someplace that would have kept you going for another few years? Try to get manual credit which would reactivate the account.</font>
That route will work. My husband had some miles expire last year. Same story, they never processed a change of address and he had not been getting statements. I found a hotel stay that had not properly credited to another airline and submitted it to Delta. It took them months to research and post the hotel miles but when they posted the expired miles were put back in the account.

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