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A way to get Delta's attention re: award availability?

A way to get Delta's attention re: award availability?

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Also cancelled my Amex Skymiles card. Agent didn't try to change my mind either.
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Originally Posted by MShea74 View Post
Exceptionally good idea. Since status matching to CO PLT last November, I have been upgraded on all but two of my nearly forty CO flights. And, every time I have had someone flying with me to IAH, they have been upgraded with me as a PLT companion.

I have now been upgraded, roundtrip for next week's flights connecting in Cleveland, as well.

I have not yet used my DL DM status because I have no reservations with Delta, but for domestic and 2 international J roundtrips between now and May I am very heavily booked with CO...at least once per week.

I can guarantee everyone here that DL could not care less. Too bad for them.
This is all good service, yes. I haven't had as much ug luck as you, but I'm prepared to deal with that in exchange for all the other Star benefits.

But what's also driving these revenue bookings is the high imputed value of the OP mileage. The best experience is when we want to use those nicely accrued OP miles, we know that we can get good value for them without dealing with deceptive booking engines and numerous deliberate barriers to redemption.
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Originally Posted by MShea74 View Post
SMI posted 3 days ago that an answer would be forthcoming this week regarding "low" availability and award calendar accuracy, functionality, and the ability to issue tickets at the actual mileage level displayed on the award calendar
That's great news if a dialogue and real improvement in this area comes to pass. Sadly, it's too late for me for now - I've already booked / traveled numerous trips with other airlines this year. If I see a sustained pattern of improvement over the next couple of years then I could seriously consider coming back to my Deltified airline.

Originally Posted by MShea74 View Post
....Delta is one of the three researched examples that I will be providing regarding planning for failure while disconnecting with markets.
Agree with your characterization of their recent business practices (with respect to frequent customers). In my case, they finally pushed me over the edge, and now will have to go the extra mile (ironic pun intended) to get back my business.
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Originally Posted by MShea74 View Post
SMI posted 3 days ago that an answer would be forthcoming this week regarding "low" availability and award calendar accuracy, functionality, and the ability to issue tickets at the actual mileage level displayed on the award calendar.

I honestly suggest that we give him until Friday to correct all of those issues, and if they are not corrected by Friday without any "babble-talk" idiocy such as "we are working on this and a solution is coming", then everybody take all steps to correct Delta on its continuing failure. That entails booking nothing for travel with them.
I'm sorry to say it appears that expectations probably weren't met. I've met SMI and I really think he means well but the real driver is deeply entrenched. I think it boils down to Revenue Management exercising extreme control with a very short term myopic mindset.

I think its time to ask any attorneys that might be reading here - is there any chance of floating a Class Action lawsuit against AMEX. Yes, I said Amex - not DL. DL has lots of T&C coverage and has some rather entrenched parties on this subject.

Amex is another matter - they actively promote the 'wonder' of getting a free flight for signing up for an Amex card. I think its possible to go after them on that basis on a class level. Would such an action win - questionable. However, banking is public enemy number 1 or 2 right now - they won't want the monkey on their back.

Just have a little fun with me - imagine a minion from Amex dispatched to Anderson's office to Atlanta. After making Anderson bow and kiss the ring or whatever wonderful image you care to plug in to make it darn clear who really has who on a leash - the minion lays into him. Probably gives him a speech about how Amex is into DL for lots of money based on those miles. Instead of being an asset for Amex this sort of thing makes DL and its miles a problem for Amex. Minion tells Anderson to make the problem go away. Anderson gives a nice 'yes master' and then slinks away and orders up a fix. Reactionary rage ensues, some metaphorical blood is spilled. At the very least we get a little 'satisfaction.'

Interesting notion don't you think?
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Originally Posted by pmaddock View Post
Interesting notion don't you think?
Makes sense and it's certainly quite likely that it would work as expected.

Taking out some adv. space in ATL, DTW, MSP, SLC saying something like "SKY MILES LOW AWARDS ARE A MYTH. Lear more and sign the ___ at ____." and perhaps also some actual hard comparative data,
could also work, esp. in preparation on this to get more people to sign up (for class action suit or at least some petition).

It seems that Delta and AmEx will just never learn to stop outright lying to their customers. Delta is used to treating it's DL-south members worse than any other airline treats their FFs yet getting away with it, as it's worked long and hard to set their expectations rock bottom low (sucks to be a customer, but sure is good for the business - to set their frequent customer expectations low). However, now with NW FFs Delta better either raise their standards or be prepared for bad consequences for its bottom line, of one type or another.
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Delta Free...

Being a platinum member for the past couple of years, I cannot be more disappointed w/ Delta’s award travel program. The website does not work. The seats virtually don’t exist and the rates are just awful. What a poor leadership and a bad decision on dropping the NW site. I was always a loyal Delta flier and I was very hopeful, that merging w/ NW, that Delta will adopt NWA’s systems….but to the contrary they continued to use their Delta system and actually made it worse. In 2009 options were still a lot better….this year….it just does not work. I am definitely switching to United after they gave me a status match…what a shame!
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