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RobertS975 Dec 15, 09 1:47 pm

Boeing 787 First Flight Today
Just for the record, and because DL/NW still has a large order for the type which has yet to be canceled, the plane did take off this AM from Paine Field in Everett, WA.

Who knows... maybe about a year from now, the first DL 787 flight will be ready for takeoff.

Davescj Dec 15, 09 1:49 pm

I doubt it. DL converted some of NWs 787 orders to 777s. On the other hand, NW was the original North America launch customer.

I am, however, THRILLED that the 787 is in the air.


djlndc Dec 15, 09 1:51 pm

Great looking plane. The video is cool.

AndyTLe Dec 15, 09 2:01 pm

The takeoff was webcast live, so will the landing (hopefully soon).

As much as I'd like to see a DL 787 soon, it has already been stated by DL that there won't be any new aircraft for at least 3 years. I think DL is quite smitten with the 777s. By the time DL is ready for the 787, it'll be more efficient as the initial kinks of the first 787s are worked out.

chanp Dec 15, 09 2:46 pm

Originally Posted by djlndc (Post 12991999)
Great looking plane. The video is cool.

Thanks for this vid. I saw the same one w/o sounds earlier.

Lane412000 Dec 15, 09 2:52 pm

I visited the Boeing plant in September and had a chance to see the "sections" of the 787 before they were all assembled together. It was pretty impressive, but also a little scary to see the assembly procedure for the building of the different aircraft. I try not to think about it when I am 37k feet in the sky. :D

MikeMpls Dec 15, 09 3:07 pm


Thanks for the video link!

AndyTLe Dec 15, 09 3:26 pm

About to land early because of the crappy (shocking) weather in the Seattle area.

DLATL777 Dec 15, 09 3:34 pm

Originally Posted by AndyTLe (Post 12992690)
About to land early because of the crappy (shocking) weather in the Seattle area.

And shes down (safety) at 1:35pm Pacific.

underattack Dec 15, 09 3:49 pm

I don't really care about how cool the plane looks from the outside. What I really care about:

- will I be able to cross my legs in coach without hurting my knees ?
- will there be power outlets?
- what about noise inside?

JoelA Dec 15, 09 4:42 pm

I had the chance to spend some time in the full scale mock up last August. At least the way that Boeing had it set up for sales there was plenty of room!

What was extremely impressive was the sense of space from the way the ceiling is set up, and the overhead bins are huge and cantilevered up into the ceiling area.

The sense of space is also enhanced by the use of rounded rather than straight lines. Lighting also assisted.

Now, this was the sales mock up - so time will tell when we see how the airlines who purchased it actually outfit the airframe.

5khours Dec 15, 09 6:04 pm

To me the interior is important, but I think the biggest benefit at least for INTL travelers is that the size/range combination of the 787 allows for a lot more non-stop routes which will make it easier to get from point A to point B but also encourage more competition which will lead to lower costs and better service.

N830MH Dec 15, 09 8:55 pm

See the original thread has already existing:

Thanks for your cooperation.

itsaboutthejourney Dec 15, 09 10:41 pm

let's face it 8 or 9 across & pitch are the key facts on DL's version of the plane.

To me that simple number is what will make this a desirable plane vs just a regular one.

ByrdluvsAWACO Dec 16, 09 12:21 am

When was NW scheduled to receive the 787's? I wouldn't mind seeing AA get their slots.

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