Aborted Landing Tonight -

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Aborted Landing Tonight -

Just curious, how often does it happen? It's only the second time that I can remember this happening and it was about 10 or 15 years ago landing in DC that the landing was aborted.

We were coming in from Costa Rica a couple of hours ago and we were just about ready to touch down when the pilot gunned it and we circled around Atlanta. I can't remember exactly what the pilot said, but it was something about the plane in front of us...
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I've experienced something along the lines of 2 or 3 a year. Usually having something to do with runway incursions.
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Although I don't know the frequency of this occurrence, it is not nearly as rare as you would think. I have not had it occur recently but it seems to happen in spurts when I fly. Not having an aborted landing in 10-15 years is much less frequent when I fly.
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Only once ever, due to a wind sheer alarm on approach to SLC.
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Happened to me this past Saturday on a DL flight from ATL to RDU. Suddenly accelerated after nearing the runway due to traffic ahead... I'd say once or twice a year it happens to me, among the 75-100 flights a year I'm on...
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Someone must not have been following their speed instructions on arrival if it were possibly due to separation. ATL is a stickler when it comes to speed so if they assign you something, you had better stick within the +/- 10kts per the FAR's.
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Couple of times at DEN this past year, one NW and one UA. It happens.

I much prefer aborted landings to aborted takeoffs!

Had one of those years ago on a CO takeoff from EWR. Half way down the runway, bang-crash-flames from the left engine. Probably a birdstrike. Don't need to experience another.
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Had it happen at ORD a couple years ago. It wasn't so bad. I agree landing late is much better then taking off late!
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One of mine a few years ago in to Appleton, WI. It was winter and as we touched down you could feel the plane begin to slide sideways. Pilot gunned it and I think we actually took off slightly cockeyed off the runway. Everyone on the plane could hear the pilot expressing a few things to the airport folks. A bit after we landed we saw the pilot in a fast and very determined walk. Don't think I'd have wanted to be the person on the other end of his journey.
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In 25+ years of flying, I have had this occur - maybe 3 or 4 times. An aborted landing is much better than the possible alternative, trust me. I would say this occurs somewhere in the world almost daily basis, and is an indication that either the pilot felt the landing would not be safe, or the ATC was trying to get better spacing between landing aircraft, or the Runway wasn't cleared soon enough to aircraft next in line to land safely. It is actually a good indication that system is working to ensure your safety.
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10 years of flying and i've had this happen once. Computer indicated a spacing issue with another plane and pilot immidiately floored it and increased altitude. All monitored LIVE on United Channel 9 (live ATC monitoring). A calm but direct ATC and UA conversation made this sound typical standard operating procedure.
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Happened to me about 2 years ago into ATL. We cleared the fence, about to land, then went back up, leveled out over downtown. Pilot said an aircraft did not clear the runway. I was connecting to LAX, a guy sitting behind me on that flight was talking about it to his seat companion, I turned around and asked if it was the flight from PIT, he said yes! He said he was sitting next to a window, we flew right over an RJ on the runway.
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Happened once to me. On B6 landing at AUS last summer. We then banked very sharply over downtown to try again. I don't remember ever being in a commercial aircraft that banked that hard. I was sitting sideways looking down on the Texas state capitol. It was more interesting than frightening, as the plane seemed to be under control at all times.
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3 times in 1 day last month

It was Oct 8 or so, just last month, I had the pleasure of 3 aborted landings in 2 different cities, and finally we were able to land on the 4th try. You may recall in early Oct there were high winds in the Northeast. There were downed trees around the area....very high winds.

I was on a barbie jet trying to land at HPN. Very rough turbulence. So bad, I had to use the air sickness bag and I was not the only on the plane that did so.

We were diverted to Allentown, although I don't know why, because the high gusts were almost as bad there - all throughout the NE. Our third attempt to land that day was at Allentown and again, right before touchdown, the pilot gunned it again. We finally landed on our 4th try, the 2nd try in Allentown.

I gate checked my bag, decided not to get back on the plane, if and when it was released to fly again in that weather. Got a rental car, and at first the GA's would not give us our gate checked bags back until there was a decision about whether to cancel the flight or not. Eventually, several hours later, and long after I was on the road in my rental car, the flight was eventually cancelled and others were stuck there. What a day.

Surprisingly I never had any ff miles deposited for my inconvenience as NW used to do.
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In over 30 years of flying....only once in LAS a couple of years ago. Really freaked me out. Had no idea it was as common as I see in this thread. Was told it was a spacing issue. Got to see the strip twice as we rounded it for a 2nd try.
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