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I only had one. Which, I didn't really felt bad while it happened, gave me quite a bad stomach afterwards when I was "remembering" what happened on the flight prior to the aborted landing (ie, if there was something broken)

It was on a short hop (I think A319 or A320) to FRA, and before we took off in ZRH, there was a massive thunderstorm giving us a delay of around 15min still while waiting at the gate. It was really loud in the plane (They already had closed the doors and just wanted to push-back when the thunderstorm arrived) and there were quite a few pax really frightened by it. The LH FAs did a great job handing out drinks&nuts to those really shocked, and eventually after around 10min it slowed down. We then processed regularely to the take-off, flight all fine, but the landing was aborted. I think we already touched the ground with several wheels, when the pilot let the engines go on full-thrust again. He announced we'll do another landing in a few minutes, which then went fine. Weather in FRA was quite good. Only high clouds.

During the "emergency take-off" I didn't thought about it, but while in the air "again" I remembered what happened at ZRH and I guess quite a few other pax did so too, and were a bit uneasy with the whole situation. But I guess that was just plain stupid, given airplanes have to withold much stronger winds and rain in the air than a thunderstorm sitting at the gate.

Looking back at it, it was a nice experience ^
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I had an aborted landing about 10 years ago. Our landing was delayed at IAH due to thunderstorms over the airport. When we finally came in for a landing we were almost on the ground when it appeared that the plane just drifted off the runway due to the wind. The pilot immediately aborted the landing. While we were climbing, I saw another plane fly under ours at about 90 degrees. We proceeded to land immediately at Hobby (I think we were low on fuel at that point). They gave us the option of deplaning at Hobby so I did.
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Go-around v. Rejected Take-off

Speaking from the perspective of a private pilot, I'll take a go-around any day compared to a rejected take-off. The plane is light (most of the fuel is burned off by this time, although there's usually at least an hour or so of fuel left) and performs as well as it will, compared to any other point in the flight.

The most vulnerable time for any aircraft - large or small - is after the go/no-go point on a take-off roll is passed. Generally, this is the point where there's not enough runway available to stop the plane after the power is chopped and full braking applied so the only alternative is to "go." The aircraft is heavy, dirty, slow and depending on temperature/humidity/altitude, single-engine performance can be challenging. Fortunately for us passengers, this is one of the most practiced emergency events when pilots do their initial type ratings and recurrent training.

I can recall only a couple of go-arounds in my time flying as a passenger commercially. I viewed them both as non-events. I'd much rather be going-around than landing on a contaminated or occupied runway!

Flying myself, in a single engine prop, I've have had one at MSN, but there have a been a couple I've managed to avoid by doing a some S-turns a few miles out. Of course, that typically not an option for a commercial jet. Maybe in the Mighty Beech 1900 or a Q400, but not a jet.

Fly safe!
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Originally Posted by 5khours View Post
Sat next to a pilot going into LGA once when we aborted. He said the only time it was ever a problem was on some of the older jets that didn't have as much thrust. If you lost an engine and had your gear down you were basically committed because you didn't have lift to get back up.

Not true (loss of one engine) with transport category aircraft.

It may be true, if you lost multiple engines (on a 3 or 4 engine aircraft)
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I had my first missed approach on my trip to Sydney. I was sitting in 44C on a DL 777, right in front of the jump seat. The people sitting by me were terrified; I was excited. The flight attendant must have thought I was nuts.
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Originally Posted by localady View Post
Just curious, how often does it happen? It's only the second time that I can remember this happening and it was about 10 or 15 years ago landing in DC that the landing was aborted.

We were coming in from Costa Rica a couple of hours ago and we were just about ready to touch down when the pilot gunned it and we circled around Atlanta. I can't remember exactly what the pilot said, but it was something about the plane in front of us...

Most likely the plane in front of you hadn't cleared the runway.
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Within the last week, I heard a reporter on cable news (I think it was CNN International) claim (no source) that an aborted landing occurs on average once in about 700 flights. No statement was made about whether this refers to scheduled commercial flights or whatever. I would guess it might be more common in general aviation and at certain airports or countries, but otherwise independent of aircraft size/type for major carriers.
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Speaking of an aborted take-off (not landing), it can be rather interesting in India where the airports (as the rest of the crumbling British-era infrastructure not updated since then) are poorly maintained and cows are free-roaming on the runways (apparently). I once was on a Jet Airways flight from Varanasi to Khajuraho. The front part of the plane was just about starting to lift off, when the plane violently swerved to the left and the brakes screeched and rubber burned. It almost but not quite went off the runway on the side, then went back to park near the terminal. No announcement was made, while it was very hot and stuffy inside (no AC running), until some 30 minutes later that "the cow that was on the runway has now moved off it, so as soon as the 1 hour waiting period after an aborted take-off to cool off the brakes is past, we will try to take off again" (not word for word, but approximately so). So, while I didn't see it myself, apparently (as per the announcement made) in India cows have free roam inside the airports also (the grass there was indeed rather green and long at that time) and if a cow steps on the runway, well then you'd better hope that the pilot has quick reflexes (as that one thankfully did).
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It's only happened once to me in approx. 150,000 actual miles flown.

Last year, 747-400, NRT-DTW on very short final to DTW.

I'd hate to be the <*speculation here*> NW pilot </speculation> who wasn't off the runway in time that caused a jumbo to go around and spend 20 more minutes in the air. That cost a couple bucks worth of Jet-A...
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When I lived in VA and used DCA frequently in the late 80's it happened several times. Never anywhere else and none of those flights were DL.
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