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I've had three aborted landings in many domestic flights so my percentage is pretty low.

First was at FLL. A flight taking off on the runway we were cleared to land on didn't get off on time so we went up, banked right, circled back over the Atlantic and tried again.

Second was at MCI. A United Flight landed before us and didn't clear the runway fast enough, or our flight came in too fast and didn't give United enough time to clear the runway. Up, banked right and circled back for the landi
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First and only in more than 60 years of flying this Oct. on an AY E-170 HEL-VNO in dense fog. Got almost to touchdown when pilot aborted. Spent about 20 mins. circling til weather cleared slightly.
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Funnest(?) I remember was on a C-9B going into NGZ on a gooey Bay area afternoon. As we broke out we were way left of center, the pilot pulled up the gear, poured the power to it and basically pulled a break manuever. I guess it was reflex as we found out later he was a former A-7 pilot. I actually enjoyed it, however YMMV.
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Were any of these 'touch and go' landings?

I have had 3 aborted landings in my life. The first was on Eastern in MIA in '86 -- the wheels did a hard bounce on the runway, followed by a softer bounce and then immediately full power and back up.

My other two times (a BA 747 @ DEL in '92 and DL Shuttle @ LGA in '08) seem to be more common with everyone else... got down to about 100 feet and then went around without touching the ground on the first attempt.
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Originally Posted by mikensf74 View Post
All monitored LIVE on United Channel 9 (live ATC monitoring). A calm but direct ATC and UA conversation made this sound typical standard operating procedure.
Probably OT...

Why doesn't DL have/do a "channel 9"?

Whoever decided against it years ago, deserves infinite obscenities.

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The only time this has ever happened to me was on Korean Airlines in Daegu South Korea. We were landing, and the pilot hit the runway too hard. We bounced back up and the pilot gunned it and had to circle around again.
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it happened to me twice on the same flight a couple years back.. first attempt there was a runway incursion and then when we tried to land again, debris was spotted on the runway.
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I'm not a frequent traveler compared to many on here. I probably only have 10-15 flights a year on average. In the last ten years, I can only think of two aborts.

One was coming into LGA, not too long after 9/11. We were on final and all at once pulled up hard. Of course, everyone was still a bit skittish with air travel at that point, so there was kind of an eerie silence for a few seconds. The captain very quickly came on to jokingly tell us that he and the FO decided we needed to get another aerial tour of Manhattan before landing. He then finished up by saying that the real reason was so we didn't try to fight a smaller prop-job on the runway.

The second was coming into CMH. We were in some heavy rain and wheels couldn't have been more than 100 feet off the ground when the engines gunned, nose was up, and gear was retracting. As I recall, the captain didn't say anything on that one. Everyone just assumed the rain was the factor.
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Had one at night going into UIO. Since there is a 15,000ft mountain very near the airport they really pour on the coals when going around. Made it quite exciting. Did 3 straight trying to get into ADQ before going back to ANC, but that is par for the course there.
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Interesting last Wednesday on DL 1495 ATL-SRQ. We seemed fairly high when the engines surged and we headed up and around to the west. A few seconds later the pilot announced that they had an indicator light indicating a landing gear problem.
I was in 1C and was "pleased" to see the flight attendant in her jump seat pull out the big red manual and review the procedures.
We flew around and all was well.
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I have had several flights where I wish the landing was aborted. One comes to mind landing in RDU during a thunderstorm. That lil ERJ was getting tossed around like crazy.

I remember when this was on the news a few years back during a windstorm in Seattle. Makes me cringe even today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF4adRi7ZGo

(this is interesting too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P86-W...eature=related
this too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b43lA...1&feature=fvwp)
I have since wasted an hour watching aborted landings....
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Originally Posted by bonzaiflyer View Post
I've experienced something along the lines of 2 or 3 a year. Usually having something to do with runway incursions.
I would say that is what I see, that works out to one in a hundred. I see it happen more in the winter they find out about ice etc on the runway and or a plow is still on, I guess they get time slots to clear the runways.
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Had a few. The most memorable was a BA 747 going from LHR to NRT. Tried to put it down just at they eye of a typhoon was passing over NRT. Two flights ahead of us managed the landing, but we just a few minutes too late and ended up trying to land while passing through the wall of the eye. Needless to say we had to divert.

I've heard at Kona that when the Kona winds were blowing they sometimes had to try 7 or 8 time to get in.

Sat next to a pilot going into LGA once when we aborted. He said the only time it was ever a problem was on some of the older jets that didn't have as much thrust. If you lost an engine and had your gear down you were basically committed because you didn't have lift to get back up.
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Two aborts on one flight into LAX on a DL flight from TPA about 5 years ago.

Final landing was on 25R (normally used for takeoff) rather than 25L at the last moment.

I asked the pilot what happened after we landed. Seems we had three incursions, all by AA planes. On the third approach he told the tower than we had to land and we were putting down on 25R.

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According to this CNN story, if you fly in/out of Newark, you've got a 1/700 chance of it happening.. My guess is this probably close to 1x per day/24 hours (maybe 1x per 36 hours?).

I'm sure others know more specifics about how many flights in/out of Newark..

Seems like an awfully high risk airport..

I have my fair share of complaints about JFK, but I don't recall JFK being this bad...
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