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atldlff Nov 8, 09 11:26 am

Delta 2010 DO Update

I have recently gotten several e-mails asking me about the next Delta DO event. The purpose of this post is to address some of those questions as well as provide a current status. Yes, there will absolutely be a next event. Canarsie and I are working on the preliminary planning now, and we will formally kick-off the planning effort in the next few weeks (after the Thanksgiving Holiday).

We don’t have a formal date at this point, but we will pick a date shortly. We will be certain to let everyone know as soon as we get a date finalized so you can plan in advance – this year's event will be in the fall when the Atlanta weather is a little on the cooler side.

Event Format
We are evaluating the format this year. Our goal is to really keep this event to a reasonable size. We felt one of the major benefits of the event last year was having a group size that allowed good interaction among the participants and the Delta employees. Many of these venues are capacity controlled, so if there is enough interest, we may extend the event longer with repeat options/venues to be able to accommodate everyone that wants to attend.

As far as what we are planning for the event – we are working on those details now. We are working on some new and pretty exciting venues/options, and we are even planning on a new Advanced Road Warrior Training (RWT II) with Delta. For those of you who attended RWT I, if there is something you would really like to see added to the new training, let us know, as we are still in the early planning stages. As far as other options, let’s just say, if we get even half of the new ideas implemented, you will be simply blown away with some of the choices.

For those of you who will be new this year, you will get the opportunity to visit for the first time all of the venues from last year – including the Delta/Northwest Heritage Museum, Delta’s - Operations Control Center, Technical Operations Center, Atlanta Airport Fire Station, and RWT I training.

We will be utilizing some new web-based technology for the registration of the venues, volunteers, and the payment process – which will include – PayPal, Visa, MC, AMEX and Discover. This technology will also have the ability to waitlist individuals once we have reached capacity for a specific venue/event. We will also have the ability to have a dedicated web-site to provide the latest details and information on the event, as well as send e-mail updates to those that are registered.

Registration will be on a first come, first serve basis. We are actively encouraging Delta employees to also participate in this program, and hope to have many of them along side FT members.

As with last year, most of the venues are provided at no cost to the participants. We will be working on soliciting some select sponsors for the evening events to help keep costs to a minimum. If you know of a corporate sponsor that would like to participate, please let us know. There is a cost for RWT, and possibly some of the new options. We will be asking everyone to register on-line and there will be a non-refundable deposit fee for signing up for this event. (A portion of this fee will also cover transportation, printing, signs, badges, etc.) We will be getting a group rate at the host hotel.

We are looking to also provide some “give-aways” as a part of this year’s program. We are considering a random drawing for a few free RWT slots, and other items. More details coming on that soon.

Most of the volunteers from last year are returning to help out again, and it is greatly appreciated. The volunteers helped to make the last event run so smoothly. We will also need new volunteers to help with everything from on-site registration, group leaders, transportation logistics, etc. If you are interested in volunteering to help, you will be able to sign up for that during the registration process.

One of our volunteers from the last event, WesNSpace, came up with the great idea of having a fund raiser for the Delta Heritage Museum. This is a non-profit organization that hosts much of the rich history or Delta and now Northwest Airlines. I hope you will support his efforts for this worthwhile cause.

In the meantime, please feel free to post your comments, suggestions or questions, or you can send e-mail to [email protected]

Stay tuned for more details to follow soon….

For those of you who didn’t get the chance to attend the event last year, and want some more information, you can visit thanks to MikeMpls. This site has links to posts, pictures and videos from the last event.

Canarsie recently created a video slide show here from the June 2009 event, for those who would like to view it, as well as pictures from the Delta Employee Thank You Luncheon here .

Canarsie Nov 8, 09 12:55 pm

As I am currently in Europe, I have not been able to work on much within the past week or so. However, atldlff and I have been working behind the scenes, meeting with various Delta Air Lines personnel and meeting with each other working to make this event at least as successful as last year but with improvements and many surprises with which we cannot reveal just yet as they are not definite.

Here is the original thread for the event that occurred this year.

Please keep monitoring this thread for further details, and thank you for your patience.

FlyerTalk members who expressed interest in attending this event, expected to occur sometime in September or October 2010:
  1. Cholula
  2. Mrs. Cholula
  3. Easy Victor
  4. Guest of Easy Victor
  5. Gargoyle
  6. Mrs. Gargoyle
  7. DLNYC
  8. Possible guest of DLNYC
  9. BamaGirl
  10. mersk862*
  11. DP-340
  12. Possible guest of WesNSpace
  13. RobOnLI
  14. MikeMpls
  15. WifeMpls
  16. batdude
  17. planecrazy63
  18. pbjag
  19. skoker
  20. Possible guest of skoker
  21. domcharles
  22. DevilDog438
  23. Elmitchbo
  24. me4yankees
  25. Stripe
  26. Burj
  27. Possible guest of Burj
  28. Dovster — but not if the event is during the weekend of September 17 through 19
  29. nub2travel
  30. Possible guest of nub2travel
  31. KarlJ
  32. GBadger
  33. WBurcham*
  34. Guest of WBurcham
  35. fgirard*
  36. Exiled in Express*
  37. dgxoxo
  38. gplates
  39. ecaarch*
  40. Possible guest of bennos
  41. jackplum*
  42. BER Flyer
  43. MsEverywhere
  44. ULDB65
  45. underpressure*
  46. g50
  47. Guest of g50
  48. SkyTeam777
  49. cfischer
  50. localady
  51. Guest of localady
  52. Watchful
  53. ffI
  54. Pharaoh
  55. Pharaoha
  56. pitbrian
  57. Guest of pitbrian
  58. DiverDave* Accommodations
  59. Lehava*
  60. zsmith2*
  61. BondAir007
  62. jb831
  63. DLroads*
  64. keepdeltaflying
  65. MachOne*
  66. ADLFO*
  67. Guest of ADLFO
  68. AirlineDeregulation
  69. MM/PM widget*
  70. longing4piedmont
  71. Cellisttoo
  72. bwc175* Signs, Badges, Printing logistics
  73. cliburn*
  74. stealthmidget
  75. [email protected]*
  76. flyersky1
  77. ScottinMEM*
  78. AJDelvarno
  79. StayingHomeIsBetter
  80. itsaboutthejourney
  81. BOS2LHR
  82. Guest of BOS2LHR
  83. gatorbluedevil
  84. Scotty66
  85. MemphisQueen*
  86. ftv*
  87. BobRoss
  88. pmaddock
  89. bdnyc*
  90. Guest of bdnyc
  91. bluegrass flyer
  92. Guest of bluegrass flyer
  93. DD_NoVA
  94. bowdenj
  95. Tom Williams
  96. bworrell
  97. Guest of bworrell
  98. MSPeconomist
  99. DLGrkItalNY
  100. Guest of DLGrkItalNY
  101. ceieoc
  102. Guest of ceieoc
  103. HRS
  104. halifaxflyer
  105. Buster CT1K
  106. 23TOPOS12
  107. Guest of 23TOPOS12
  108. socrates*
  109. Guest of socrates
  110. ngalliance
  111. Guest of ngalliance
  112. EasternTraveler*
  113. Guest #1 of EasternTraveler
  114. Guest #2 of EasternTraveler
  115. IrishEyes*
  116. Guest of IrishEyes
  117. SomeGuy
  118. tkey75
  119. ifette*
  120. xanthuos
  121. Crazyhotelguy
  122. Guest of Crazyhotelguy
  123. thezipper*
  124. sc flier*
  125. Guest of sc flier
  126. rubesl
  127. peteropny
  128. Guest of peteropny
  129. Robert Leach*
  130. secretsea18
  131. rwsatl
  132. GrizShel
  133. z003y
  134. Tomphot*
  135. langleyoaker
  136. Mileage Lover
  137. adammarcw
  138. oldtirednbusy
  139. dedehans
  140. iCorpRoadie
  141. Getiton
  142. jeff30189
  143. Guest of jeff30189
  144. jjglaze77
  145. Guest of jjglaze77
* Offered to volunteer this year.

This is by no means the final list, as we are preparing to assemble an Internet web site dedicated to this event, something we did not have last year. We are hoping that it will make registration, confirmations and payments much easier and more accurate for us this year than last year.

Functionality we plan on including in the Internet web site is the ability to choose the events you want to attend. This will help make it possible for more Delta forum FlyerTalk members to attend and enjoy this event, as not everyone who attends this event is going to want to participate in all of the venues.

At the event last year, not everybody attended all of the events on all three days. For example, there were some FlyerTalk members who only wanted to attend the Road Warrior Training. Other FlyerTalk members only showed up for the first day or the first couple of days.

As the dates and the schedule become definite, and as some FlyerTalk members may cancel before committing to the event, time slots should open up for those on the wait list.

Volunteers from the event last year who have volunteered again this year and will automatically be at the 2010 event unless indicated otherwise before then:
  1. scoow On-Site Registration
  2. Flyin'Mom On-Site Registration
  3. WesNSpace Tour Group Leader and Technology
  4. bennos Tour Group Leader
  5. ShopAround Tour Group Leader
  6. davakkar Tour Group Leader
  7. atl runner Transportation
  8. flyzabit T-shirts and utility volunteer
  9. atldlff
  10. Canarsie

Originally Posted by atldlff (Post 13878415)
For you information, here are the areas where we need volunteers, so if you have an affinity for one of these areas, please let us know.
  • Technology
  • Accommodations (Hotel planning)
  • On-site registration
  • Tour leaders
  • Sponsorships
  • Transportation
  • Individual venue planning (i.e., OCC, TOC, Museum, RWT, etc.)
  • Dinner logistics and planning
  • Signs, Badges, Printing logistics

Unless any of our veteran volunteers proclaim otherwise, the On-site registration, Tour group leader, Technology, Transportation and Accommodations volunteer positions are now filled. The remaining open positions are as follows:
  • Sponsorships Needed for meals, transportation, and virtually anything else that incurs an expense. Ideally, the most successful solicitation of sponsorships will ultimately eliminate the need for FlyerTalk members to pay for the event.
  • Individual venue planning For example, planning and coordination is needed for tours of the Operations Control Center, Technical Operations Center, Delta Heritage Museum, Atlanta airport fire stations, Road Warrior Training, etc.
  • Dinner logistics and planning Prime is one venue where dinner will be on one of the event nights, but meals still need to be planned for the rest of the event, including menu planning and transportation to each venue.
  • Signs, Badges, Printing logistics

Burj Nov 8, 09 5:05 pm

Originally Posted by atldlff (Post 12788205)
In the meantime, please feel free to post your comments, suggestions or questions, or you can send e-mail to [email protected]

For people in college, with children in college, or who work for colleges...the end of May is a little tricky because of graduation, end of semester exams, moving, etc...

In general the earlier in May the better...

Gargoyle Nov 8, 09 5:17 pm

Count us in, we'll work our schedule around it. RWT/DO I was a great experience.

me4yankees Nov 8, 09 5:39 pm

Originally Posted by Burj (Post 12789659)
For people in college, with children in college, or who work for colleges...the end of May is a little tricky because of graduation, end of semester exams, moving, etc...

In general the earlier in May the better...

Actually it depends on which area of the country you are. Here in the south where I am, college graduations are usually the first two weeks in May. I teach at a community college in VA and our exams end May 10 and my teaching contract ends May 15.

However, I would caution against Memorial Day weekend, May 28-31, 2010.

And count me in as well! I loved the first DO!

Pharaoh Nov 8, 09 5:47 pm

Count us in, too. I'll work my vacation around the DO!

Will be interesting if one of us is in RWT I and one in RWT II.....

mersk862 Nov 8, 09 6:04 pm

Myself, skoker and WBurcham were talking about this tonight when we met up and all three of us were pretty excited...we had a flight attendant on our flight asking us about it (he saw the backpack that we got at RWT).

MikeMpls Nov 8, 09 6:18 pm

We're definitely interested but probably will have to be limited to the weekend & maybe Friday this time. Even just Sat. works for us. RWT II sounds cool.

Wasn't there a room full of fire-extinguishing equipment in the training center? :D

From experience w/ CO DO's, I'd strong suggest having the most important Q&A's & events later Saturday to maximize participation.

N830MH Nov 8, 09 6:41 pm

Originally Posted by Gargoyle (Post 12789699)
Count us in, we'll work our schedule around it. RWT/DO I was a great experience.

Me, too. I want go there. I want to be on the tours at DL headquarters, tech Ops, Flight Attendant School and etc. So please PM me or any response email me by my profile.

gpscuba2000 Nov 8, 09 6:50 pm

I'm in for RWII - I had a great time last year and am looking forward to trying new things. Simulators would be great if that's an option.

WBurcham Nov 8, 09 7:31 pm

I'll be there again.

fgirard Nov 8, 09 7:36 pm

With the announcement this early, I can certainly plan for it.... other works, I'll try to block out that time period for the RWT/DO

zsmith2 Nov 8, 09 8:05 pm

Count me in for next year!

jb831 Nov 8, 09 8:45 pm

Wouldn't miss it! :)

icurhere2 Nov 8, 09 8:48 pm

Very interested (pending final date selection and my teaching schedule).

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