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Badenoch Oct 31, 19 8:10 am

Cruise Ducks?
Is this really a thing?

The cruising duck game is kind of like a game of hide and seek. People hide ducks on a cruise, and other cruisers look for the ducks. Sometimes this is referred to as Duck Hunting (in the sweetest way).

There are several Facebook groups, including the Original Cruising Ducks group, where you can get ideas and be inspired, as well as ask all the cruising duck questions you could think of.​​​

Boggie Dog Oct 31, 19 8:11 am

I heard about this during a cruise just recently and was assured it really is a thing. Who knew?

Randyk47 Nov 1, 19 8:57 am

I’ve seen postings on Cruise Critic about leaving or hiding notes for follow-on passengers to find but never heard of rubber duck thing. To each their own.

747FC Nov 1, 19 9:09 pm

Somehow I don't think that Seabourn or Silverseas have cruising duck practitioners. It is a shame, as Ms747FC loves rubber duckies, especially the kind that can be obtained at the Lufthansa FC lounges:

TravelingNomads Nov 2, 19 4:24 am

When my daughter was @ 13 we spent 3 weeks in Ireland, Scotland and England. One of the hotels had given us a duck so she brought it with us and hid it somewhere in every photo that we took of her. It ended up being a lot of fun. Sometimes you'd see it in a phonebooth or sometimes it'd just be sitting on a stair. I know he visited the M & M store and misc museums. Looking back at the photos I think it was adorable especially for a kid at that age. I'm all for the cruise ducks if it helps to make the vacation more fun for everyone.

She gave the duck away to a friend when we got back who was also going to be heading out on vacation soon. I'm not sure what happened to him after that, but he ended up being one very well traveled duck.

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