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my first experience depositing $ coins (Wells Fargo)

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my first experience depositing $ coins (Wells Fargo)

As some of you know, I recently took the plunge and ordered my first batch of coins from the US Mint. I was happy with the ordering/shipping process (i.e. they were sent Next Day Air with signature required, so no chance of them being left on the doorstep).

Unfortunately, my experience at the bank today was annoying enough to justify a complaint letter. I know it's a bit on the lengthy side, but part of the reason I wrote it was for the benefit of you guys (i.e. I don't really care if it accomplishes anything because there are lots of other banks out there that would be happy to sit on my money). Without further ado, here's the letter:

Subject: Worst Customer Service Ever (Lloyd Center Branch)

Hello. As someone who's done a fair amount of banking in the PRC (where customer service is largely a foreign concept), I'm used to being treated like I don't exist by front line employees, however, my experience today marked a new low,...with respect to customer service in general (i.e. we need to expand the umbrella to include airlines, hotels, taxi drivers, etc, in order to put this episode in proper perspective).

Here's what transpired:

1) I walk up to teller window with a check from my client and $500 in neatly rolled (by the US mint, in fact) dollar coins
2) The check was made out to my consulting company (Moondog Holdings), which exists in name only
-the teller took the check, lectured me about it not being proper, at which point I asked for her to return it to me so I could take it across the street to BofA, which has never given me the slightest bit of attitude about similar checks
-instead, she brought it over to the side and jumped on the phone
3) Meanwhile, a second teller grabbed a roll of my coins, asked them where I got them (I told her a friend gave them to me, but she has no business asking such questions), and then absconded with my coins and jumped on a second phone
4) 15 minutes elapsed with me waiting at the window and tellers #1, and #2 on their respective phone calls, at which point I signaled to teller #1 that I needed to leave (I had allotted 20 minutes for this bank visit and it was increasingly clear that I was not going to be able to walk out of there 5 minutes later with a deposit slip in hand)
5) But, rather than honoring my request, teller #1 relocated to a back room with my check and driver's license
6) Meanwhile teller #2 re approached the window and told me that she could take my deposit, but for a "counting fee". To this I responded, "what are the grounds for this fee and where is this policy printed?" She said she'd be happy to arrange for me to meet with one of her personal bankers for a "lesson."
-I declined, but not before pointing out that the coins were legal tender. She retorted, "no, they are not; (Holding up a $20 bill as if I was a 5-year old) this is legal tender."
-Next, she had the audacity to advise me to bring my friend along next time I want to deposit coins, in order to prove that I was the rightful owner
7) Shortly thereafter, I demanded my coins from her and enjoined a manager type to retrieve my check and drivers license from teller #1

This story has a slightly happy ending because I went to the Hollywood Wells Fargo branch ~40 minutes later, where they were thrilled to take my coins because "customers frequently ask for them" and "they are so cool!" I did not, however, offer up my precious check, out of fear that it had forever been blacklisted in the Wells Fargo universe.

In closing, I've had this account open for 2 weeks. My first and second experiences (at the Tualatin branch) were both positive, even if a bit on the slow side. Meanwhile, as noted above, I have nothing but good things to say about the Hollywood tellers, BUT the Lloyd Center people I dealt with were truly dreadful.

If you fancy the idea of keeping our relationship alive for more than another week, I suggest you provide them with a "lesson" or two. Furthermore, I'd also appreciate clarification regarding your coin deposit acceptance policies (and any associated fees).

Thanks and Regards,

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My local Chase bank took my coins without hassle. The teller helping me didn't bat an eye at my coins, which I had to slide under a glass wall one tray at a time. Her teller neighbor gave me a weird look and made a comment to my teller which she didn't acknowledge while I was there. I left with a receipt after 2 min of processing.
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Please moderator--merge this into the already very very long existing thread on mint coin purchases in Miles Buzz. http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/miles...-shipping.html

IMHO, this post is both redundant and in the wrong place.

PS Of course, OP is the very helpful moondog and I must offer OP my above comments with the greatest of respect.

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