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City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite (USA); NY GA TN NV CA MA DC & MN

City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite (USA); NY GA TN NV CA MA DC & MN

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Current welcome offer is 50,000 30,000 Crystal points with $5,000 $3,000 spending in the first 90 days. First annual fee not waived. (as of telephone call with bank employee 8/7/2019)

Past bonuses were:

***** #1502 - signup bonus 1/16/18 BUT ANNUAL FEE NOT WAIVED ******

100,000 points after spending $5,000 in first three months. Offer expires 30 December 2015. EXPIRED

A 70,000 points offer was offered back in March 2017 and expired March 31st, 2017. EXPIRED

The requirements for the application process varies from bank to bank based on various online data points collected from FlyerTalk, Doctor of Credit, etc.

Some banks require that you go into a branch and apply personally. Other banks want you to have another account open for 90 days before you can get this card. Some banks (if you already have a relationship with them) let you apply via mail. Sometimes you have to be a resident of the state they operate in, while some were able to get the card without living in those states. It is very much YMMV. You will need proof of income (W2, check stubs, etc). The only states City National Bank operates in are: NY, DE (only trust office, no go), DC, GA, TN, MN, NV & CA. The bank is looking for high net worth individuals, but that's not exactly consistent either.

The card has no foreign transactions fees and is fee-free the first year, then $400 annually.

Register your card for online access (cno.cnb.com). This changed on Sept 19 2019.
Register separately for the award page (www.cnbrewards.com).
Register for Visa Infinite info and access at https://myvisainfinite.com/cnb/en_us/home.html
Click "my info" to see details on points awarded.
Best* redemption found to date is $1,000 prepaid visa for 105K pts. It's now 125K pts for a $1,000 prepaid visa. Link to catalog
*(other than spending for flights etc. & getting 1.2 cents each in value)

To set-up spending alerts, create an account here : http://citynationalbank.digitalcardservice.com

Point redemptions for flights have been reported as being as high as 1.35cpp (see here) by calling the Concierge service at +1 800 595 8950 and having them book direct from airline website for you

Significant benefits:

$250 per calendar year airline incidental credit - works on AU card as well - STARTING JAN 1ST, 2020 THE CREDIT WILL BE $350 PER ACCOUNT
$100 Global Entry fee credit - works on AU card as well Per DDResq post 842
Priority Pass lounge membership for up to 2 people. No fee for any number of guests, but lounge policy may limit the number of guests admitted.- STARTING JAN 1ST, 2020 EACH ADDITIONAL GUEST BEYOND ACCOUNT HOLDER WILL BE CHARGED $32
12 GoGo inflight passes - create an account at myvisainfinite.com/cnb. Once the account is created, you enter, then search for GoGo passes. You then input your card number again, create a GoGo account if you don't have one, and the 12 passes post to it ready to be used when you fly again on a participating airline. - works on AU card as well
$100 off when you book a qualifying airline itinerary via visa discount air portal (https://www.visadiscountair.com/CNB/default.aspx - STARTING JAN 1ST, 2020 THIS WILL NO LONGER BE OFFERED AS A BENEFIT
$30 off GroundLink car service (works with AU cards as well) plus instant 15% off rides. There are $25 current user referrals to go for first.

Airline fees are reimbursed up to $250 per calendar year. Fees must be from domestic carriers. There is no need to declare a carrier, and fees can be reimbursed from multiple carriers. Partial Ts and Cs:

Qualifying Airline Purchases are defined as incidental airline fee transactions made at eligible US Domestic Airline Carriers and include: ticket change/cancellation fees, checked baggage fees, inflight entertainment, onboard food and beverage charges, airport lounge membership fees and day passes, onboard wireless charges (excluding Gogo Wireless), and TSA Pre✓ membership application fee.

What works
AA: Award Fees/Taxes, Award Redeposit Fees ($150)
AA: e-Gift cards $250 including AUs (1x per card max 4)
AS: Award ticket fees, $16
AS: In flight food, entertainment.
AS: Premium Class Upgrade, $59

HA: Interisland Flight, $48.80
UA: award ticket fees, $51
WN: Award Fees/Taxes, Award Redeposit Fees (limit unknown, but it's between $75 and $80 per transaction), Early Bird boarding fees ($15)
DL: Baggage fees
B6: $53.30 airfare

What doesn't work
AS: Award ticket fees, $130ish
DL: GC; PGGM (reports of not working since April/2016)
DL: Just about anything. Don't use on Delta
UA: MPX, Award Fees (~$170)
UA: Gift card registry (up to $75) (No longer working as of 11/25/17)
UA: Seat Selection Fee
EY: Award Fees
TW: Change fee
UO: Seat fee
AA: Award Fees/Taxes on an itinerary originating outside the US.

To Be Confirmed
UA: Award Redeposit Fees ($200)

Global Entry reimbursements: (works on AU also)

user - mnsweeps ( https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/29336509-post1549.html )

Used mine and a AU card to register for GE for in laws
01/17/201801/18/2018USCUSTOMS TRUSTEDTRAVELER$100.00
01/17/201801/18/2018USCUSTOMS TRUSTEDTRAVELER$100.00

Credit posted today for both cards.
01/20/201801/24/2018GLOBAL ENTRY STMT CREDIT $100.00
01/20/201801/24/2018GLOBAL ENTRY STMT CREDIT $100.00

In 2016, 2017 AND 2018 airline incidental credits for transactions on-or-after January 1st did not start posting until the third week of January. In 2019 they started posting on Jan 11th.

For further information, see this

STARTING JAN 1ST, 2020 there are going to be major changes to this card, these being:

  • $350 airline incidental credit per account (was $250 per AU)
  • $95 Annual Fee per AU
  • $32 per guest using PriorityPass (used to be free & unlimited)
  • Elimination of $100 Visa Air Discount Benefit
  • Groceries and Gas only earn 1x (used to be 3x)

discussion starting here

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Originally Posted by chongl View Post
AA $250 digital gift certificate posted on 3/19, credited on 3/27
For primary owner or AU?
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Originally Posted by pjs View Post

I had a regional AA flight DCA-ATL and it worked but most of mainline domestic is ViaSat and widebodies are Panasonic. Should still work on DL though.
Maybe this has changed, but IIRC, some AA mainline will remain GoGo, and all the regionals.
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DP: AA $250 digital gift certificate posted on 3/21, credited on 3/27 (x2). Off to do the remaining 2 AUs.
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Originally Posted by soartoday View Post
Past and recent data points indicate this account is not reported for AUs.
I never thought about it until your post, so I just went and checked and you're right, it's not showing up on my wife's credit report even though she's an AU on my account! Awesome! I had to provide her SSN when I opened the account and set her up as an AU, so I figured for sure it would be on her record. It's not! I checked Chase Credit Journey and both reports on Credit Karma.
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What a shame, my 50k c/l could help my children have better credit ratings.
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Originally Posted by EasternTraveler View Post
What a shame, my 50k c/l could help my children have better credit ratings.
Not really. Even you get $100k CL, it has very limited impact on minor's credit rating.
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Originally Posted by Bixbee View Post
I think I found what you mentioned

A lot of interesting offers there. For example:

"Earn 5 Bonus Points per $1 at CVS Pharmacy on in-store purchases of $25 or more (500 Bonus Points max reward), 1-time use only

Offer Details: Offer valid through 03-31-2019. You must first activate...."
^There's a similar one for Chevron (and many others that don't require activation and/or do not have a cap.

It wasn't that easy to navigate, most of the logos wouldn't load for me.
Could you share the link? I can't seem to find this.
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Originally Posted by dns View Post
Could you share the link? I can't seem to find this.
Never mind, I found it after some digging! It's under "Rewards Plus." If you try to go to scoremorerewards.com and log in it's the wrong rewards site (redirects).
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Hi hopefully a quick question - does anyone know how long it takes the signup bonus to post after meeting the spend?
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Originally Posted by Soccerjoshj07 View Post
Hi hopefully a quick question - does anyone know how long it takes the signup bonus to post after meeting the spend?
An incredibly long time - at least a few weeks after the statement closes where you meet the minimum spend.
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Originally Posted by Clueless12 View Post

For primary owner or AU?
One primary, one AU
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Originally Posted by akr1970akr View Post
There was a bed bath beyond offer on my crystal, and there was a BBB next to a store I had to go to yesterday, so I went it. I didn't have their normal 20% all the time coupon, so everything is wildly overpriced. The one thing I might have used (random kitchen widget) was like $10-15 probably double what it might have been on Amazon. So even that would not have triggered the $25 min. And they basically had no gift cards beyond their own store. So I wasted my time and bought nothing. No need to go back into that store for another decade.

K cup coffee pods were 2x what I normally pay, which is a reasonable way that gauge the rapaciousness of a store.

Anyways we'll see what the next wave of new EasyRewards brings, since they're supposed to reset on 3/31. My hunch is that it won't actually be any new merchants, just the ability to 'redo' ones that aleady were triggered in the prior cycle. Maybe its better in other cities, when I look at the places where my siblings live, they seem to have more local offers.
So I checked all the 'new' Easy Rewards, and they are the same as last quarters. Just a bunch of rinky dink offerings. I guess I could use the CVS and Chevron ones, which are at out of the way places, for my normal 'consumption'.

The icons used to show up last quarter, but on my Chrome desktop, are no longer showing up. So one has to click into each one to see what they are. However I recognize most of the addresses. It's better than nothing, but its not a very motivating kicker. I'd put it more in the weak Chase Offers type of thing, rather than Amex Offers.
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If I buy airline tickets with points, do I receive benefits like trip delay etc just like I pay in full with the credit card?
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Card Packaging

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Does this card get the TSA Pre credit or just global entry?
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