Wells Fargo 5X rewards cap

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Churnable to get repeated 5x rewards?

Not possible

Update April 16, 2016: Still Not Churnable
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How to pay down CL quickly?
ACH push from other banks to wells fargo checking and then use that to pay credit card

Likely to get shut down if...?
- Have a negative balance
- Have a really high balance
- Cycling several times through your CL
- Calling in and getting caught by human eyes for suspicious activities.

To check what your 5X/5% window is:
In the rewards account, go to My Rewards -> Account Activity and the days left on the promo will show up at the top....looks like a pie chart.

To check which transactions get 5X/5% before your statement posts
Now, to check if new transactions are eligible for 5X before statement closes, go to "My Rewards" on the top and click "Activity" and set the start/end dates. You should see a "bonus earning" for 4% extra cash back for anything that's eligible.

Caps on 5x / 5%??
There are no more caps.

What to do when transaction not going through due to FA?
Human @ fraud prevention line is 877-575-0462 (to verify charges if locked out) (Update 3-3-15 - Phone number no longer in service per this post)
Automated response number was 800-446-0664
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Old Apr 19, 16, 2:14 pm
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Anyone have information on range of credit scores to be approved for one of these cards?

If approved, my spending limit should be a problem. Right now my issue is actually getting approved... Recently closed a few accounts and accidentally let a few cards hold high balances due to other MSing. OOPS!
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Hi all, to clarify:

Is the 120k cap on rewards received, or on eligible spending (5% of 120000 being 6000)
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Originally Posted by greggarious View Post
Hi all, to clarify:

Is the 120k cap on rewards received, or on eligible spending (5% of 120000 being 6000)
I do not believe there is any cap at all. And it is certainly not a cap of $6K rewards.
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Originally Posted by DL172 View Post
Against the better advice of others, I tried churning. It's completely not churnable. WF could see my other card. I waited six months to try to get it again.
Sorry to hear that. Was it the exact same card? There is a cash version and a rewards (points that can be turned into cash) version. Also, had your card and points account been cleared off your online information?
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Wife got approved with a 680 score.

Credit limit of $2500.

Called and asked for a higher balance to "take advantage of the great BT rates" and they bumped her to $8k.

I am going to hit this card hard.
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I'm confused - then how is the card not churnable?
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Logging into my old accounts (amex card still shows) received an offer to apply for 5 points per dollar card (identical to what I closed 3 month ago). Terms seem ok:
Get our lowest introductory rate with a Wells Fargo Rewards® Card:

10,000 bonus rewards points when you spend $1,000 in net purchases the first 3 months your card is opened.Important Information and Footnotes 1 - Popup
Enjoy our lowest introductory rate on purchase and balance transfers for 15 months.Important Information and Footnotes 2 - Popup
$0 annual fee. Credit Terms and Conditions - Popup

5X rewards points on gas, grocery and drugstore net purchases for the first 6 months your card is opened and 1X rewards points on other net purchases every day.

Eligibility for introductory rate(s), fees, and bonus rewards offers
If you or any joint applicant currently have an open credit card account or a closed credit card account with a balance issued by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., you will not be eligible for the above introductory APR(s) and fees or the bonus rewards offers described below if your existing card has been open less than 16 months.
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Has anyone seen any May activity?

My last pending expected posting is as of 4/30. Has anybody seen anything of May activity yet in pending? Its already the 5th??
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I have mine from 5/3 all showing, expected redeemable later this month.
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Got shut down.......

Honestly I think the tip was paying off my card from my WF checking. I did it once, for 7k. Geeze. I made mad cheddar so it was good while it lasted.
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They (recently) changed the wait period terms. Previously one could not churn a card that had had a balance on it (it was relevant for me because I was issued a card I never used). Now they imply there should be at least 16 months between the opening dates:


Eligibility for introductory rate(s), fees, and bonus rewards offers
If you have opened a Wells Fargo credit card account within 16 months of this application you will not be eligible for the above introductory APR(s) and fees or any bonus rewards offers described below even if that account has been closed and has a zero balance.

I am not eligible anyway, but some of you can try.
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I noticed that T&C now state that we have 5 years to use points. I believe that wasn't the clause before.
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Do you think you would be shutdown if you used the card for VGC from grocery stores and drugstores, them deposited money orders to WF Business Checking, transferred the money to another bank, and then paid the CC from the other bank. I want to hit this card hard, and the account I have seasoned for years happens to be a WF account. There's always a risk I guess.
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