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johndoe123 Mar 26, 13 5:33 pm

How to book a Flexperks ticket that shows up on ITA software but not travelocity?
I'm trying to book this. Mesa Airlines / Mokulele airliens does not show up on travelocity unless I do a "1 way" trip. When I book a multi stop as shown in the itin below, only a more expensive airline (island air) appears. I've reproduced this both on the flexperks site and the plain old

Is there any way to get this manually issued, even if its just segment by segment, by USbank?

Dieuwer Mar 26, 13 6:36 pm


johndoe123 Mar 26, 13 6:59 pm

I'm booking with flexperks points, so to get the free ticket -- I must go through travelocity.

bocastephen Mar 26, 13 8:22 pm

This is a known issue - basically the Travelocity booking engine does not show the same flight options as you would see in the GDS and no one is going to help you (or care) - for whatever reason, they filter flight availability without any rhyme or reason.

I tried to book HNL-KOA-LIH-HNL and found the specific flights I needed never showed up. I escalated to some pretty nasty US call center supervisors who frankly didn't give a damn, then I found the email for Travelocity Executive CS and sent them a livid email.

I suggest you start with your own livid email, then someone will get back with you. In my case, they were able to figure out their stupid booking engine would not show all the possible flights when booking HNL-KOA-LIH-HNL, but would if I booked HNL-KOA/LIH-HNL and then KOA-LIH nested as a separate ticket - so you're best bet is to play around with multi *ticket* options vs multi segment until you start seeing the flights you want.

pathfinder44 Dec 29, 13 8:02 pm

I am trying to book flights that don't show up the the flex perks travelocity search engine.
I can not find a phone number anymore.
Does anyone have a contact number for booking flights with travelocity?

EyeBurn Dec 29, 13 10:02 pm

I dislike the flexperk's travelocity flight search. Most SQ flights don't appear on the search results. But if i go to, I see them. I think I'm just gonna redeem statement credit.

Julie17 Dec 30, 13 7:36 pm

Have you tried calling the Flexperks phone reservations line at 1-888-229-8864? The "Program terms" page of the Flexperks website describes this as phone redemptions using "Quality Reward Travel". I've never done this, but I thought I read that someone else had successfully used the phone reservations to book flights that aren't on Travelocity, such as flights on Southwest. Good luck!

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