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Card choices for sig other/travel partner

I'm FINALLY starting to convince her that this won't ruin her credit (and will shortly improve it), so I think I may be able to convince her to get on a 90-120 day cycle of 1 card per. Not the best, but it's not worth fighting over for sure when our schedules are so busy that after accumulating the points, finding time to use them is almost equally hard.

She currently has the PRG (Aug '11) and CSP (May '12). Credit score in the low 700s with perfect, but short history. Plan right now is to keep the PRG for purchase protection, etc and downgrade the CSP to CS and keep it open indefinitely.

I'm currently working on a Amex Biz spend and AA x 2, so I'm done til Fall, and then I need to find some non-Experian and non-Chase cards somehow.

Current balances--a little weak since we just booked to DPS in F:
MR: 10k (combined)
UR: 60k (combined)
US: 50k (mine)
UA: 60k (mine)
DL: 75k (me) & 25k (her)
SPG: 35k (me)

So soon we can add 106k AA and bump MR to 105k (almost all of the 10k spend will be 2x netting 95k). That'll be enough MR to get 2 x Europe in J on AF which is about as good as we can hope for with DL (I'm thinking surprise v-day to CDG).

I'm thinking of having her get AA x 2 or the UA card right now. SPG is tempting too, though with the bonus, but I could easily see the UA bonus coming down a good bit (to 40k maybe) so is 5k SPG>15k UA? Thoughts on how to have her compliment my/our current stash? For me, and presumably her, Amex and Citi hit EX and Chase hits EQ for personal EX for business.

Travel-wise we have club Intrawest points to use on hotels, but they seem to be losing a lot of locations lately, so hotels are of renewed interest. We have HNL booked for next month (using Intrawest for HHV) and DPS/SIN for next May (DPS cash for now and SIN Intrawest). In the future, Australia and Africa are on the hit list. We are Washington DC area based.

One particular trip we'd like to do is PUS (Busan, Korea) and MEL in January if possible, but only if we could find J/F... possibly MEL only, but I could wait for next year to do the Aussie Open and won't lose any sleep over it.

So thoughts? Appreciate all input...

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