Cancelling cards, keeping credit lines?


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Cancelling cards, keeping credit lines?

Hey guys,

Have read a ton of the cancellation related threads so have some understanding of how this works, but would appreciate some specific advice about how to manage my cards. Basically I am sitting on several annual fee cards that I do not use (the Chase Sapphire Preferred seems to be the best choice now for 99% of my spend), and want to drop them with minimal damage to my credit score and access to credit.

From Citi, I have:
- Citi Forward
- Citi mtvU, which will be auto converted to a Forward soon
- Citi AA Amex
- Citi AA Visa

All cards have a similar credit limit right now. I want to drop both AA cards, and feels dumb to have 2 Forward cards, though they are no fee so less harm in holding them. Ideal world is to end Citi with 1 Forward card that has the combined credit line of the 4 cards I have from them now.

And then also have Sapphire Preferred and SPG Amex. I don't know what to do with the SPG Amex since the Sapphire Preferred points are equally valuable to me and have same earning or better on all spend, but I like having the credit line from Amex.

Other complicating factor is that I just got the SP card ~3 months ago, and it came with a fairly low line of credit compared to what I have from Citi and Amex. Ideal outcome would be to shift a ton of my credit line to this card, but obviously cannot move credit from one issuer to another. But if I drop some of my total credit, would Chase be more likely to increase my line if I call them?

So basically -
1) Any way to get Citi to shift my credit around these cards and then cancel the ones I don't want?
2) What to do with SPG Amex given that I will put most of my Starwood hotel spend on the SP?
3) Will dropping some cards / credit from other issuers allow me to get more credit from Chase? Are there other good ways to get Chase to increase a credit line? My SPG amex has 3x the credit line of the SP...

Thanks for the help!
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