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When will travel feel "normal" to you again?

When will travel feel "normal" to you again?

Old Feb 21, 21, 1:43 pm
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When will travel feel "normal" to you again?

After flying heavily through '20, I had almost three weeks of no travel until yesterday.

I'll preface this by saying most of my travel is domestic - so I haven't had to deal with too much in the way of mandated testing/documentation.

That said, yesterday and today's flights felt "normal" again - most concessionaires were open, TSA had lines, shuttles running, hotels serving breakfast, planes full (been seeing this for a while). Aside from masks and pro-forma notifications about social distancing, my last couple days of travel felt very "pre-pandemic'. There's, of course, a lack of in-flight service, but on domestic flights, even in F, its not a profound difference.

Even socializing/eating out felt normal (though I and most of my circle have now been vaccinated).

What will the metric be for you - that makes flying feel "like it used to"?
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Old Feb 21, 21, 1:45 pm
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When I can fly without a mask.
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Old Feb 21, 21, 2:07 pm
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I am traveling a lot more after a few months of stoppage last year. Have already done some 35 flights YTD, and should clear 50 flights before the end of this quarter.

I have felt normal since restarting travel in September of last year.
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Old Feb 21, 21, 2:08 pm
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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
When I can fly without a mask.
+1 for the mask and when I will not have to plan for 2 or 3 Covid tests for a 3-day trip and when airlines will stop to cheat customers saying that reduced service is for our safety while it's just cost-cutting.
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Old Feb 21, 21, 3:16 pm
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Domestic travel is basically normal now if you're doing roadtrips or hiking in parks etc.

The main things I'd like to return for normalcy is not having to google covid rules for interrnational travel (covid tests for entry/exit, can book separate tickets for one itinerary without worrying about transit country rules, curfew/quaranine etc).

Showing a vaccine card or minimal mask compliance indoors isn't that criitical for normalcy.
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Old Feb 21, 21, 3:24 pm
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Travel will be normal to be when I don't have to worry about mandatory pre-covid-19 testing and/or quarantines, mandatory vaccinations to enter, outright bans or other restrictions.
Even worse, is that countries are constantly changing their entry requirements.

I would rather wear a mask to deal with this and the pre-existing visa requirements, but with how current restrictions are, it's almost not even worth the effort to fly.
A mask isn't going to totally kill the experience of flying, but the mandatory pre-covid-19 testing and/or quarantines, mandatory vaccinations to enter, outright bans etc...are complete buzzkills.
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Old Feb 21, 21, 3:55 pm
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Masks are the main issue for me as well, indeed they are the only reason why I haven't flown in a year, despite actually travelling a lot in 2020.

​​​​​The rest (testing, fewer services, business closures) is somewhat inconvenient but would not prevent me from travelling. Having to wear a mask for hours either on a plane or in the destination is the deal breaker. Thus I've been limiting my trips to car and trains since the pandemic begun.

​​​​​​I managed to temporarily relocate to a place with very few restrictions (and even some of those are positive, e.g. seat blocking) so in many ways I'd want to say it already feels normal. But whenever I get close to the border, it reminds me we still have a long way to go.
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Old Feb 21, 21, 4:08 pm
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When we can fly. Quebec is pretty closed down. Borders closed to the US. Quarantine, hotel and at home, firmly in place.Barely 90 flights a day take off from YUL. I normally fly monthly, at least, yet have not been on a plane since last February. With all the restrictions, going anywhere is a total trial.
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Old Feb 21, 21, 5:45 pm
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I feel domestic travel is basically back to normal.

I am just looking forward to the Schengen countries opening, that is when I’ll be back to normal.

Wearing a mask is inconvenient, but really not that big of a deal for me.
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Old Feb 21, 21, 7:13 pm
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When masks move from "mandatory" to "optional" it will be back to normal for me.
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Old Feb 21, 21, 9:47 pm
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When I get a hot meal in economy on a flight under an hour and
when I don't need to remove my shoes at security.
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Old Feb 21, 21, 10:09 pm
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When I can go to Europe without wearing a mask or getting a COVID test.
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Old Feb 22, 21, 12:36 am
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The UK has still banned all non essential travel - which doesn't just eliminate leisure travel, but bans visiting family living abroad (unless there is an essential reason). I managed to travel twice last summer for leisure, but the UK was putting countries on a 'red' list at short notice, meaning you'd have to quarantine when you returned. Therefore if you CHOSE to go abroad (for work, family or leisure) you spent the entire time checking the UK government travel advisory, and working out how you'd get home at 24 hours notive, should you have to cut the trip short to beat quarantine.
Travel won't feel even remotely normal until I'm confident of no last minute imposed restrictions, but in agreement with everyone else here - no masks onboard, lounges open as normal and regular catering.
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Old Feb 22, 21, 3:45 am
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Given that Fauci is indicating that Americans may have to continue wearing masks well into 2022, it seems unlikely that mask-wearing on airplanes will become optional anytime soon.
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Old Feb 22, 21, 4:39 am
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When I no longer have to plan my travels around Covid-19 testing requirements and my expenditures drop to zero for mask purchases at multiple stores. But then that is just a return to part of the "new normal" of the past 20 years.
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