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The longest non stop mask wearing flight you can accept?

The longest non stop mask wearing flight you can accept?

Old Jan 7, 21, 11:46 am
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The longest non stop mask wearing flight you can accept?

I am planning a long distance trip and suddenly realized this issue. So far I've completed 7 flights with mask on but the longest segment was only 4.5 hours. Can't imagine a 13 or 15 hour masked flight. So I have to change the plan completely. Guess non-stop flights are less appealing in the covid age?
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Old Jan 7, 21, 12:15 pm
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With breaks for eating and drinking, If you can tolerate a couple of hours I don’t see why you can’t tolerate much longer.
I’ve done an 11 hour flight and that was no more difficult than a 3 hour one. I don’t think it is like marathon running (or couch to 5k) where you need to build up to it.
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Old Jan 7, 21, 12:28 pm
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If you are flying for business, or try to challenge yourself like marathon, yes it's not that bad. But I am planning for a vacation. I guess there are better alternatives. The main reason to fly afar is to take advantage of extremely low season due to covid. But if there are too much hassle/concern/discomfort, I don't see the point.
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Old Jan 7, 21, 12:51 pm
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I survived 14 hours LAX-IST, but it was much easier in J. The problem I had was that it was a fairly uncomfortable industrial N95 mask, and it caused the bridge of my nose to become quite sore by the time I got to the hotel in IST (probably closer to 16-17 hours total travel). On the return leg, the nearly worthless nose pad in the mask came loose, so I was constantly fiddling with it to get it to stay in place. I did place a little Vicks in the mask to make breathing more pleasant (a trick from my desert party days). In retrospect, I definitely should have placed a more comfortable cloth mask underneath the N95, to allow for padding. Otherwise, wearing a mask for a prolonged period of time was not really an issue at all. I was certainly not starved for oxygen, and sleeping in a mask was not at all an issue. I actually brought a few spares in case I had issues with the straps, but they held up just fine for the duration.
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Old Jan 7, 21, 1:03 pm
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Not an issue, particularly if you have worn a mask for other reasons for 10-12 hours. Here, you get to remove it once in a while for food & drink and you presumably spend some time finding a mask which is both comfortable for you and meets the carrier's spec.

With a cloth face-covering and comfortable straps, you may find yourself not even noticing.
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Old Jan 7, 21, 2:03 pm
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Up to 30 minutes if there really isn't any other option (e.g. ferry).
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Old Jan 7, 21, 2:05 pm
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One thing I've found which helps is putting the mask straps/elastic around headphones. Taking that minor pressure/irritation off the ears makes a bigger difference than you'd think after a few hours.
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Old Jan 7, 21, 3:03 pm
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I have done a 10-hour non stop but the whole air trip was 24 hours, of which I was wearing a surgical mask for about 22 hours total (changed them every 5-6 hours). The biggest issue is the elastic behind the ears after wearing it for so long. But that was over the summer when the cases were low and I was in a half empty J. Flying now it may be important to get an N95.
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Old Jan 7, 21, 3:10 pm
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Try a couple new, different masks. I have some that are much more hot and restricting and awful than others. Or they even have these "mask hacks" items sold now which expand the area inside the mask, still "Safe" but where you can breathe. There's a mask that gives me panic attacks after an hour, and a couple that are easier on the ears and breathable which I could do for an 18 hour flight, no problem.

Or be a particularly bad person and book first class and once its night and you're in your own dark pod, put a blanket over your head and then take.... oh nevermind
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Old Jan 7, 21, 3:11 pm
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Originally Posted by nomiiiii View Post
There's no real mask enforcement once the lights go off on long-haul flights. You can get a bandana or loose mask and let it hang a bit freely once the initial dinner service is done on the long-haul and everyone's going to bed.
That would be irresponsible and wrong. Just because you physically can do something does not make it right.
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Old Jan 7, 21, 4:04 pm
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Just figure out what kind of mask and straps is most comfortable for you and you'll be fine. While I look forward to the day when we aren't required to wear masks, I expect that I will voluntarily continue to wear one in various circumstances in the future. Some airlines pre-COVID provided masks as part of their in flight amenity kits for comfort (e.g. increasing humidity of the air you're breathing).
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Old Jan 7, 21, 4:22 pm
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To quote Drake (ask your kids if you're unsure who that is...)

'I did half a Xan, thirteen hours 'til I land
Had me out like a light, ayy, yeah
Like a light, ayy, yeah
Like a light, ayy'
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Old Jan 7, 21, 4:55 pm
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I flew TPE - LAX at the start of the pandemic. I think it was around 12 hrs.

My plan was to keep myself up the night before and fall asleep on the plane. Back then, we had no clue what was gonna happen so most of the few passengers on board actually skipped our meals so it was an actual 12 hr marathon, with a N95. My face looked it was attacked by a squid by the time I landed
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Old Jan 7, 21, 5:14 pm
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Have done multiple 9-10 hour flights and honestly sleeping with the mask leaves my nose moist waking up vs without. I have gotten use to it.
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Old Jan 7, 21, 5:28 pm
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While I wouldn't choose those really tight fitting ones that make its wearer's head look swollen, with a comfortable thin one underneath and a moderately tight N/K95 over it, keeping it on during a tpac is no great trial.

PS - Of course, I'd prefer not wearing one nor am I inordinately afraid of the virus, but it's something I had gotten used to having lived and worked in SE Asia.
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