Goods Stolen From Baggage

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Goods Stolen From Baggage

Important details: I'm Connectmiles Presidential, and have been since the beginning of the Connectmiles program. Prior to that I was United 1K for several years, but mainly because Copa was part of Mileage Plus back then. In short, I'm a very loyal passenger.

I flew fully paid Business Class ORD-PTY-MDE on Nov. 6th, and one of my three bags didn't arrive with me. Turns out it was left in Chicago. It arrived Wednesday, Nov. 9th while I was at the office, and when I arrived home, I discovered that almost everything of value was gone, and I had a bunch of clothing from someone else. Additionally, the bag is broken.

I immediately contacted Copa, and they were very apologetic, then guided me to the spot on their page in which I could file my claim. I did it that evening, following my phone call. They wanted receipts, many of which I actually had, I took photos and included thorough descriptions of the things lost. Replaceable goods totaled about $4,000, but the most valuable parts are irreplaceable.

I had gone to Chicago to attend a convention, and I had bags full of samples, literature and business cards - all gone. 4 days of my life that I had waited 4 years for, as our big show is every two years, and the last one was COVID-canceled. I almost threw up.

In my report I requested a lot of compensation, realizing that they wouldn't fully reimburse my expensive travel, but hoping for reimbursement of the lost goods and possibly a significant travel credit. There is no way that they can possibly compensate me for the full loss, but they definitely owe me a lot.

The phone agent that I spoke to on the 9th told me to expect a reply that week, as I'm long-term Presidential. That didn't happen. When I called again the following Tuesday, I got the same agent (she remembered me) and she found that the complaint had been closed "because the bag had been delivered to my home." I simply couldn't believe it. She assured me that all of the data was still there and she was going to reopen the case with her own input.

Wanting to give it time to be resolved, I waited three more days to call again, and the agent that answered this time was far less empathetic. He said it would take 15 to 25 business days. While I tried to just accept it, I couldn't. By Sunday night I decided to write to the president of CM with my story and ask for help. To his credit, he answered me within two hours, promising to get it in the hands of the right person.

That was last night. Today I received an email telling me that they would pay me $877.00. My head exploded worse this time, so I didn't reply. I realized that I was too emotional to remain professional and accomplish anything, so I opted to wait. About two hours later, I got another email from the same guy, upping the offer to $1646.51. Better, but still far too short of my actual loss.

I'm now trying to figure out how to respond, as I don't want to accept this offer. It has soured me so much that I never want to fly Copa again at this point. For many years it has been my favorite airline between the US and Latin America, so I'm in shock.

I'd sure like to hear a few opinions of how to proceed at this point. Realizing that asking for opinions is always risky, please don't hold back. Think about it, and tell me what you think you would actually do if you were in my shoes. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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I think almost all theft from luggage has happened to me in latin america. Costa Rica primarily, as thats where I was living or traveling to. Ive had customs in SJO steal products out of a bag. Before the bans of paying for lost electronics, half of a video camera setup in the early 90s.

The one thing I learned, is to always split important things up. And where possible, ship critical items in advance, or bring them in your carryons.
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Hey Ken, first of all, sucks. Sorry that the bag arrived near empty

I have only been in a situation once where a bag never arrived. Was B6 -> EI LAS-BOS-DUB. Luckily I only had some clothes in it, but it did contain an irreplaceable player jersey of mine from HS

Eventually got a cheque from EI (Im aware that it should have been from B6, but my dad worked for EI for 30+ years and is a German native, so it was handy when he contacted the then German CEO of EI asking him to help move things along)

Back to your situation. You wont get all $4K+ from any airline unless exceptional circumstances. I and others will tell you to go to your insurance company to sort this, albeit maybe too late to report it at this stage? Call them now, tell them that Copa has offered to pay $1.6K and see if they will make up the rest. Montreal convention (you are flying international) states that airlines are liable for about $1.7K

Regarding what happened, while you did leave your bag with CM, they personally didnt hold it overnight (imo). It goes onto their 3rd party handlers, which they obv do employ, but also would have gone thru TSA etc too. Essentially passed through multiple hands from multiple entities before it got back to you in Colombia

Regarding not flying the airline again, sure thats your personal choice and you can move your spend elsewhere. But as you have the same status as myself, you probably know that things do not run smoothly. I know when to call in (as more likely to be connected to one of the 4 amazing female agents in there, and there is a great male agent too) for any issues I have. You need to know how to handle the agents in general and just not put up with any nonsense. Have you been able to use your Certs for USA to EUR/Asia flights at all with United? This has been a massive battle for me for about 4 years now - and finally might be getting sorted, hence the expert mode going down for about a month on United

And they dont even board us by name anymore

Dont check important stuff. Never check electronics and just be sensible. Sounds like you were on a business type trip. Ship it with DHL/FedEx next time, and just bill the company (which might be your own or course)
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I also want to reiterate that you will NOT get the full supposedly loss of approximately $4,000. While the $1,600 is not even half of your reported loss, I strongly doubt you will do any better.

:You at least got the president to personally respond to you. That may have been the reason that the offer was upped.

It's is entirely up to you if you want to accept it or not. If it were me, I would even though it's does not represent the full amount of my reported loss.

I have dealt with Copa on issues before. In my experience, I almost never felt whole after they have "resolved" my issue.
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