CM Fares Now Crazier Than Normal

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CM Fares Now Crazier Than Normal

As a long time CM FFer, I have grown accustomed to wide fare fluctuations from week to week - even sometimes day to day. Recently, however, they have just gone up to beyond reasonable.

I am now Presidential Platinum and have already requalified for AA EXP, so I was planning on using CM for all flights between home (Medellin, Colombia) and the US for the remainder of the year. Their fares are now coming up consistently between 50 and 100% higher than AA.

Additionally, I recently purchased a couple of insanely low fares MDE-SJO, including one for a Costa Rican employee who frequently visits the Medellin office. Around $200 RT including taxing if originating in MDE. Around $700 RT when originating at SJO. They are now priced at the same higher fares (+/- $100) in each direction. Still far above average.

This has remained constant for a couple of weeks now. I'm praying that it's a glitch they'll soon repair. I have several US trips to book this year, and I very much prefer CM over AA. Not to mention that I have so far only qualified for 2017 CM Gold. Those prices are simply beyond anything I can justify, even with the consistent torture that AA provides in comparison to CM.

Just arrived at JFK tonight from MDE on AA. It has been a day from Hell - compliments of AA. I would happily pay a couple of hundred more for CM, but not what they currently have out there. Anyone know what's going on with CM's revenue management? (Assuming they have such a thing. )
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I have found CM to charge a premium because of their reliability and on-time departures, but to be honest, their product is severely lacking, and PTY's facilities as a hub are embarrassing.

I too will be renewing only to Gold, but I have a feeling it won't last another year, because I am not happy with the product.

Their service is average, and they do have a unique value proposition: I don't think I've had another international airline be able to do same-day changes internationally and give complimentary upgrades at the pace that Copa does. The downside is that their premium cabin is so much worse than Avianca, LAN, and even Aeromexico. All these airlines give complimentary upgrades as well.

It feels like I'm flying CO from the 2000's, down to the dated interiors and CO-modeled Copa Club.

For what it's worth, I am also turning away from AA because of all the EP devaluations.
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In the past, these fare increases have been quite temporary. Shortly after posting here, the fares I was reviewing came down to the previous levels.

The $200 fare returned for my Costa Rican employee's next trip, so I snagged it. The fares to ORD also came down to just slightly higher than AA, so I got that one booked for next week.

Paying CM more than AA for US trips is fine with me. Anything to avoid going through MIA. Additionally, my trip home from the trip to JFK mentioned in my first post actually got much worse when I returned from LAX. AA tossed me 10,000 miles for that clusterfart, but that doesn't compensate me for the inconvenience. Story's too long to tell here, but 10,000 miles isn't enough to ease my pain. As an additional bonus, I still don't have one of my checked bags, and they can't find it.

Personally, I really like the seats in J on CM's new 787-800s. Not lay flat, but I always sleep like a baby. The food is definitely not as good as it was a couple of years ago, but I still like it better than the food on AA. That said, I'm always in F or J, so Y pax are certainly better served with AA's food (even at a price) than CM's free "sandwiches" that have lots of bread and a whisper of meat.
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I always struggle to find good fares on CM departing from SJO, they've recently put some good fares to BOG, MIA and LAX. You should be constantly checking up the prices, they could change from day to day and even during the same day.
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