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dmunz Mar 19, 08 10:09 am

Elite Status on CO and Flying Blue - Any Value?
Looking at my schedule, I'll be hitting PE on CO again pretty soon. I still have a bunch of flights that will probably be KLM, NW or AF and I'm woundering if there is any value in holding top-tier elite status on a second Skyteam airline. I have a Flying Blue number and I will be crediting miles to it; mostly for upgrade use.

So, are there any added benifits to having PE status on FB when I'm already CO PE? Or should I just dump the miles into OP?

Just Curious


dvs7310 Mar 19, 08 12:36 pm

You can use the FB miles for first class on AF (and maybe KE) which you can't do with CO or other 2 class airline Skyteam miles.

vsevolod4 Mar 19, 08 3:35 pm

I maintain both FB and CO platinum; FB I use for upgrading AF and KL flights ... I love AF's F class where it's offered.

But all in all, I think you get more leverage by achieving "platinum" status on a second (and even third) alliance.

I find having top tier on all 3 gives me the greatest flexibility, and I can fly virtually any airline in the world and get elite treatment.

dmunz Mar 19, 08 4:46 pm

I agree that going outside the alliance would be better, but (with the exception of Qatar Privilege Club) it's not likely this year. It is simply a matter of routes and connectons. I'm looking at a lot of out Monday back home Friday afternoon US to Europe and Africa trips and AF/KLM have the best timings for me from Houston.

We'll see how it all plays out.


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