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Upgrade question

I think I know the answer to my question (and that answer is "as much chance as a snowball in hell") but as I'm coming to the land of free upgrades, I'll ask anyway.

It must be well over 20 years since I last flew Continental (and it might not have even been the same Continental all those bankruptcies ago) and on my frequent visits to the US I've used Delta, United and US Airways because they were and are the US partners in Skyteam and Star Alliance. But Continental and NWA are in now too, so I thought I'd give Continental a try this time round. I have ten sectors booked on pretty low fares (2 are L Class, 2 S, 2 T, 2 U with 1 W and a 1 X!) and I am Skyteam Silver. I suppose on ten sectors, the chances are that someone might need to be op-upped, but what are the chances that it might be me?

I'm not expecting anything. Skyteam Silver already got me what are called Premium Seats (though there doesn't seem to be anything premium about them, unlike Economy Plus on United) mostly in the first row of Economy. So I'm already a satisifed customer. But this seemed the right place to ask the question. Also, do you stand more chance if you simply don't say anything, rather than asking at check-in if there is the remotest chance? I don't want to look presumptuous, or even less, stupid.

Thanks a lot.
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There's very little chance to be honest - on domestic flights in the US, CO has a policy of filling F by upgrading its own elites for free; there are various levels of priority within this, but basically it means that there is very little op-upgrading done. The only time I can see this happening is if Y was very oversold, and there were no more CO elites to upgrade.

Sorry to disappoint you, but it doesn't look good! Best thing I can suggest is to check in online early and try to get a good bulkhead / exit row seat...
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Originally Posted by rangerss75
I am Skyteam Silver.
There is no such thing.
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Originally Posted by UpgradeMe
There is no such thing.
I think he means "SkyTeam Elite"
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id think you have as much chance as even a CO Silver has, which means you'll be sitting in the back, unless you're flying somewhere that no one flies to

Im flying on Thurs the Exact same routing I did last Jan, the difference this yr is Im a Plat. Still couldnt get an UP out on my connecting from IAH and most of the flights are already full in Coach, maybe cause there were Plats who paid ALOT more then I did for my tkt, but I was told well at least your in 1st out of PHL, I answered I was upgraded on that same flight last yr as a Silver, Oh, but you wouldnt have been this year cause 1st is now full.

So even Golds werent Uped on my flight out of PHL in early afternoon, when usually the problem is the early and late flights of the day. And as a Plat I didnt get the UP out of IAH, so Id say your chances are Slim to None , and I wouldnt place a Bet on Slim on this one.

Sorry for the Bad News.
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Thanks Star_World and craz! As I said, that was the answer I was expecting. On a European or Asian carrier, you wouldn't get upgrades anyway unless you'd paid for them with miles and then, usually, only on full fares (Y to C and C and J (and sometimes D)to F). The only exception is for operational purposes because the cabin below is way overbooked. Flights usually leave with spare seats in the premium cabins (I have been the only passenger in F - as a paying customer - on both LH and TG!) so we just don't expect upgrades. But I know the culture is different in the US and they often fill the F cabin (though it's often very tiny with 8 or 12 seats) rather than let it go empty. As a FB silver I can see I have no chance, but I preferred to ask here than make a fool of myself at check-in. Interestingly, one of my flights is the afternoon flight (3.35pm) from PHL to IAH too!
Thanks again.

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