EWR Connection Times

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EWR Connection Times

I just want a word of advice from the constant EWR crowd. How long would you all give yourselves to connect from a CO domestic flight to a Maylasia Airlines International flight?

Thanks in advance
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Couple of questions:
--Will you be checking luggage and/or picking up luggage from your domestic flight?
--Where will you be coming in from (if it is Chicago, Dallas or Atlanta, you'll arrive in the less 'busy' Terminal A) otherwise it will add to your connection time coming in from Terminal C.
--Time you'll be arriving (late afternoons are obviously busy and you could be sitting on the runway waiting for your gate to free up.
I believe Malaysia flys out of Term B, so you'll have to take the Airtran or walk no matter where you arrive. Generally it should be no more than a 5 min ride on the Airtran--
but checking in for your flight, security etc will add a bit of time to your connection.
All things being equal, and with luck on your side, I'd want to have at least an hour.
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You should be able to check your bags through to Malaysian, unless for some reason CO does not have an agreement with them. (No such luck on return, however.)

Assuming that is the case, I would agree with the 60 minute assessment. Assuming you fly into C, it could easily take you 10 minutes to get to the AirTrain, depending how far your gate is. Add 5 mins wait for the AirTrain, prob only 1 minute between stations, and then check-in and security, you will have chewed up 30 minutes already.
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Sorry I should have given more info. I will be flying in on CO in the morning from FLL. I will have checked my luggage through in FLL hopefully. But I have also found out that CO can't check me in for the MH flights. So that may be the sticking spot. Because I only have an hour as it's ticketed.
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One last thing. Is there any way for me to find out if CO has an interline baggage agreement with MH?
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I'm wondering if there are any updates on this issue. I have a planned KUL-ALB trip (in Economy) in about 6 weeks' time. A travel agent in Kuala Lumpur suggested Malaysia Airlines (MH) KUL-EWR as an option but the 1 hr EWR-ALB (by CO) would be on a separate ticket priced at USD185 one-way. I called the Malaysia Airlines office to enquire about interlining and the staff I spoke to said that MH has interline agreements with NW and DL but not CO (!). She added that MH would tag the bag through to CO but will not guarantee the connection.

Does anyone have experience with this kind of connection?

I was ready to leave it at that and choose BR (which does interline with CO at EWR, with a forced overnight) except BR has me on waitlist for one sector.

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