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2TallSeaFlyer Feb 1, 03 4:54 pm

How to get 400 miles for free/cheap?
I was cleaning out my ff files when I stumbled upon a 1994 COOL statement saying that I had 9600 miles in my account. The account and pin from that statement worked, and those miles have not expired. Seeing that I have not flown Continental in 8 years, I will in all likelihood transfer to AMTRAK and then to UA to get some use out of these. I would like to "top up" to 10,000 miles prior to doing this, so I need an extra 400 miles.

I was looking for an email signup that gets you miles (or is this over), or anything of that sort, or worst case, the cheapest purchase to get 400 miles.

Any help would be appreciated.

KebaNYC Feb 1, 03 5:12 pm

Since you are not in a rush I would try Idine or one of the continental partners at Feb 1, 03 5:23 pm

Might want to hurry though so they dont expire as u do it :-)

rod1906 Feb 2, 03 10:36 am

How do you transfer the miles to AMTRAK?

Old Gold Feb 2, 03 11:06 am

Originally posted by rod1906:

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">How do you transfer the miles to AMTRAK?</font>
Call the OnePass Service Center, give them your account numbers, transfers have to be in blocks of 5,000 miles/points.

Some time ago I got an Amtrak Mastercard with no annual fee with the intent of transfering the miles to CO.

It has turned out that I've been transfering NonePass miles into the Amtrak program where they can actually be used!

p.s. Who stole the edit button?

J0HN Feb 2, 03 11:22 am

You can always stay at a Hilton.

EWR-COflyer Feb 2, 03 11:24 am

Double Dip stay at a Hilton HHonors property = 500 miles.

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