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Airline Class of Service Codes

A - First Class Discounted
B - Coach Economy Discounted
C - Business Class
D - Business Class Discounted
F - First Class
H - Coach Economy Discounted
J - Business Class Premium
K - Thrift
L - Thrift Discounted
M - Coach Economy Discounted
P - First Class Premium
Q - Coach Economy
R - Supersonic
S - Standard Class
T - Coach Economy Discounted
V - Thrift Discounted
W - Coach Economy Premium
Y - Coach Economy

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and the sometimes-visible-through-ITN "E class" which purportedly is for reward upgrades.
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If this list is specific to CO,

M is domestic economy reward.
Q is discounted economy.
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Must be specific to CO as "R" on AA is upgrade on 3 class domestic transcons, "W" on NW is the award bucket for WP awards.

Not sure where I'm going, but I'm gettting there fast.

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I'm pretty sure that A is premium first, not discounted.
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A used to be discounted First Class, it started as a FC fare at a price about $10 more then a Y fare. A and F got switched around about 1995.
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ITYT | Library : Airlines : Continental Airlines (CO) : Fare Classes and Codes

Feel free to make any changes or additions that you're sure are correct.
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What's the point of this topic?

Obviously the original poster is wrong -- 1) fare classes vary between airlines and 2) A is full First Class on CO as we all too well know...
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You've never flown R class on a CO MD80?

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Taking your well-researched chart at ITYT as a basis for my reaesrch, I've just completed an exhaustive search of the CO boards here and have re-arranged the chart into the following format, with a few additions.

Please let me know if y'all spot any errors, or have something to add. Thanks!

Published Continental Airlines Fare Classes

BusinessFirst/First (International & Hawaii)
J - Full-fare, or
- Upgraded, free EasyPass mileage rewards
(For Intnl BusinessFirst & Hawaii only)
C Full-fare, or
- Upgraded, free EasyPass mileage rewards
(For Latin America/Caribbean only)
D Discounted
Z Upgraded, mileage upgrades from Y, or
- Highly discounted (sometimes)
R Upgraded, mileage upgrades from H/K*
E Upgraded, free mileage rewards

First (49 North American U.S. States/Canada)
A - Full-fare, or
- Upgraded, Gold/Platinum Elites from Y, or
- Upgraded, free EasyPass mileage rewards
D Upgraded, dom. portion of intnl. itin.
F - Upgraded, mileage upgrades, or
Upgraded, Elites from any published fare
E Upgraded, free mileage rewards

Coach (Worldwide)

Y - Full-fare, unrestricted, refundable, or
- free EasyPass mileage rewards
H - Slightly Discounted, non-refundable
K - Non-Refundable Coach
B - Non-Refundable Coach
V - Non-Refundable Coach
Q - Non-Refundable Coach
T - Non-Refundable Coach, some certificates,
low-fare market matches
M - Free mileage rewards for Elites*
G - Free mileage rewards for non-Elites*

* R, M & G fares are not indicated in ITN.
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