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RobertH Oct 2, 01 8:02 pm

intl arrival at EWR - connection time
I was scheduled to fly RIO to EWR nonstop and connect to MKE. Continental has cancelled the RIO-EWR flight and I am now flying via Sao Paulo. My flight from Brazil now arrives in EWR at 6:05 am. Flight to MKE departs at 6:55am. Think I'll make the connection? (The alternative is to change NOW to a later EWR-MKE flight and not worry about it, but perhaps sit around EWR for another couple hours.)

Steve M Oct 2, 01 9:14 pm

The published minimum connect time for int'l to domestic at EWR is 1:15, so you have an illegal connection. Even if you could barely make the flight, you'd probably have issues with any checked baggage making it, since you'll have to claim it at EWR and recheck it after clearing Customs. I'd change to the later flight now.

B747-437B Oct 3, 01 4:57 am

Change to the later flight to *secure* your connection. If your flight from GRU comes in early, you can always standby for the 655am flight anyway.

ColombianoNtx Oct 3, 01 1:45 pm

I recently flew back from BOG to EWR and it took me over 2 hours to get through immigration and customs. Out of all of those nice windows, they had only 8 open for US citizens. Of course, since they don't let you talk on your cell phone, it seemed much longer. I had a total three hour layover, and used every bit of it to catch my connecting flight. This was before 9/11.

Paulo Oct 3, 01 3:35 pm

My only EWR immigration experience so far since 11 September, I got through like a breeze - you could hear echos thorugh the empty arrival hall. I'm sure things will get back to normal over time, though, which means if you're traveling at a peak time, you could have problems.

That notwithstanding, your real issue is checked baggage. Baggage must be claimed and rechecked at the first US point of entry, and EWR baggage service can be quite slow.

If all of your flights are right on time and the planets align just right, it is possible you could make the connection...but not very likely.

RobertH Oct 3, 01 7:55 pm

Thanks all for the info - I changed to the later flight. If I get in early I'll try for standby on the early flight.

RobertH Nov 2, 01 12:49 pm

Made it (just) on the earlier flight. Flight from Sao Paulo arrived at the gate at 6 am. Got my checked baggage and through immigration and customs in about 15 minutes. Took the shuttle to terminal C and stood in line 15 minutes at security. Ran over to the gate, got a new boarding card on the early flight and was the last person on the flight before the door "closed" for boarding. Luckily had not rechecked my baggage after customs thinking I MIGHT get on the early flight. 45 minutes is REALLY cutting it tight for an international to domestic connection at EWR. I'll bet a lot of people are missing connections - even "legal" ones.

Seth Nov 2, 01 6:52 pm

oops! wrong post

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