egad, iah-nrt in coach!

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egad, iah-nrt in coach!


i'm planning on making the 14h iah-nrt trip in november. has anyone flown iah-nrt in coach on continental? how was the service? did you experience any DVT like symptoms afterwards? would you do it again? what did you love/like/struggle with/hate about your trip?

enough horror stories will force me to shell out for business class.

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My first IAH-NRT trip was in coach when they had the 25,000 mile promotion, and we decided to try out the service. My husband and I chose window and aisle seats with the hope that the middle seat would remain vacant. As it turned out, there were several rows of empty seats in the back section, so as soon as the doors were closed we moved back there and each had a row to ourselves. It was comfortable, and the food was decent, with printed menus. The service seemed a touch better than European coach service. All our subsequent trips have been in BF, but I have noticed when I take a walk through the plane that the last section still tends to be the most sparsely occupied.

Try to get a seat in an unoccupied row near the back, and hope you have it to yourself. On our return we were only 3 rows up from the rest rooms, but it wasn't too bad, because on the 777 most people tend to use the toilets in the middle of the plane.

I think it could be a miserable trip in coach on a packed plane, but hopefully right now the loads will be relatively light and you will luck out with multiple seats.

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tons of thanks for your valuable input.
i'm one step closer to going coach and using the extra to splurge on kobe or sushi.

keep it coming, guys.
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haven't done an NRT in coach, but did a EWR-HKG a few months back. could have been worse, but it's a long time to sit in any coach seat. and why is it that the samller the asian person sitting in front of me, the more likely they are to recline into my lap?

to be honest, i have the fax number to UA's mileage plus status match. if i could just have a little more leg room on CO's 777 i'd be happy. they really do need something similar to UA's economy plus, for those of us unwilling to drop $4000 to 5000 for a biz class seat...
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The distance between seats the times that I have flown were very tight. Don't think about using a laptop unless you are in a bulkhead seat or have an empty seat next to you and can turn sideways. (They do have power ports through about row 23.)

It is better to restrict your reading material to paperback books; it is hard to read a fullsized book once the person in front of you reclines their seat.

I sugget that you politely ask the person in front of you to warn you before reclining the seat to give you a chance to arrange your legs.

I was pleased enough with the service and food.

In contrast to marginal accomidations in coach, Business/First is fantastic.

There is no President's Club and the NW World Club is in the other terminal. Bus service between the two terminals is not real frequent.

If you end up with some extra time, the little town of Narita, just a few miles away, is quite nice.
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My 2 cents: Try to snag a seat in row 16 (bulkhead) or row 32 (exit row-any aisle seat). At least no one can recline into your lap. Row 32 is a bit busy with the restrooms right there and seats are a tad narrower in both rows. But the extra legroom is well worth it on such a long trip.
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This route is a favorite among Japanese holiday makers bound for Florida and Cancun.
As they have pretty much cancelled their vacation plans for the forseeable future, I think it is an oppotune time to sit in coach and enjoy at least three seats to yourself, if not the entire row. CO reservation agent checked a few dates for me on their transpacific routes in November, and as of now, the loads are extremely low.

I am even thinking of flying coach for my up-coming NRT-EWR 13 hr flight. But I will bring my own OBENTO. LOL

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