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BLADE Jul 1, 99 4:23 pm

Upgrades from unrestricted coach.
Will CO upgrade passengers without elite status or coupons if they have a paid unrestricted coach fair. I know TWA an maybe some other will do this. How about CO?

Two wrongs may not make a right, but three lefts do.

dgolds Jul 1, 99 6:15 pm

BLADE: I'm not sure about your question, but one possibility is to try to get a comp elite status. If you're elite on another airline, CO may comp you to elite, which would qualify you for upgrades.

mauld Jul 2, 99 8:10 am

I don't know about general upgrades for non One Pass members, but I have been on CO flights where with an almost empty first class the FA's will go down the list and upgrade all elite members, then if First still has seats will randomly select lowly 'un-elite' One Pass members. So it could pay to belong no matter how infrequent you travel. My general policy is no matter what airline I fly, I join up.

Todd Jul 2, 99 8:48 am

You can upgrade Full Fare "Y" Class(unrestricted) Coach on Continental only if you are at least Silver Elite and then only two calendar days prior to departure. If you are Gold or Platinum Elite you can upgrade a "Y" class ticket any time prior to departure. Many times the Full Fare Coach is the exact same price as First Class, so it might be better just to buy the FC ticket if you're not Elite on Continental.

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Tute84 Jul 2, 99 6:24 pm

Todd has a point.

Even if the difference between Y and A (CO's paid first class) is like $75, it's still worth it because you KNOW that you are up front and you get the 50% mileage bonus PLUS double miles for the current promo

Jon Toner Jul 2, 99 10:40 pm

Mauld is right. Speaking as someone who earned the sympathy of CO staff.

I dragged myself to the gate at DFW after a 7 city/8 day trip. To top it off, I'd gotten about 7 hours of sleep over the previous 3 nights, so I was ready for the cover of Death Illustrated.

Gate agent took pity on me and said, "I bet you would really appreciate first class comfort". I looked at my ticket to see 2A on my seat.

Thank you Mike at DFW!


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BLADE Jul 6, 99 1:51 pm

I am not "elite" with any airline, Yet. I am working on CO because they appear to have the best (most liberal) policy for upgrades once you get to elite status. I will be flying to BOS next week on an unrestricted ticket and wondered if I had a "right" to an upgrade. my company does not normally buy such tickets for me, but in this case it made the most sense considering my changing schedule.

I know TWA will upgrade on request unresticteds.

Todd Jul 6, 99 5:03 pm

Blade, Continental's policy (even on a unrestricted coach ticket) is no upgrades unless you're elite. But, as many of the posts in various forums have indicated, you might have luck in upgrading the day of departure if you get the right ticket agent. Try 2 hours before at the ticket counter or an hour before at the gate. If you get a nice agent and first class isn't all that full you might just get it! If you have a good number of miles and segments already this year on Continental, the agent might see that and realize it would be a good thing to do to keep you as a loyal customer.

Good Luck!


JAWS_II Jul 6, 99 6:28 pm

Is "Death Illustrated" the magazine published by PremEx?

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