Continental-Doing It Better

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Continental-Doing It Better

I was scheduled to depart on a Continental flight out of GSO to IAH, then to DEN. The flight left at 6PM and I had about 45 minutes to connect in IAH. I had noticed by late afternoon the flight was running late due to weather and the chances of me making my connection was slim to none. Also with Gold Elite status I had upgraded successfully on both flights. I called Continental to see what I could do. The repsonse was this: "
You can leave in the morning on Continental, in first if you would like. But, we have already booked you tonight on American Airlines. We booked you in first all the way through, and send us your boarding passes and we will give you onepass credit. It is up to you to decide and we are sorry for the problem."
I took the American option and did get first from GSO to DFW and then to DEN. I just think
Continental went a long way to take care of a customer. In my years with United I would almost bet my life, that would not happen. With all the time we spend jmping down the airlines throats, I think top service and concern for the customer needs a mention. By the way it was a Saturday night, but all the flights were near capacity.
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WOW! I'm impressed and a little jealous. I'm Platinum Elite on Continental, and have been rebooked a couple of times on different airlines when the Continental flights were delayed. Even though I had upgraded in advance to First on Continental, they always put me in Coach on the other airlines. But, I too received the mileage and flight credit for the flights I didn't take on Continental. Also, I made sure I got mileage and flight credit in the rebooked airlines' frequent flyer program.

What's your secret of getting upgraded on the rebooked airline?



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I don't know what the secret is, but I hope it keeps working. I think this was the exception rather than the rule, but it was sure nice. Guess it is only fitting that a weatheman's flight would be messed up because of weather. Oh well, I wish us both luck the next time this happens.
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Good going! It's great to hear such a positive account! Wish it had been me!
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