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namlit May 27, 99 4:49 pm

Confusion about fare basis
I was just reviewing my boarding passes and tickets from conti.

On the ticket the fare basis was QDEL 285 (FRA-EWR-KCI-EWR-FRA)
On all issued boarding passes class was indicated as Y

Which one is relevant concerning the elite upgrades?

Does anybody knows a website about the different fare basis?

Thank you from german co-flyer namlit

arturo May 27, 99 9:22 pm

deer tilman,

yur fair es Q an awl thengs bassed on that. Y ownly to extingwish yu frum F. Q fair es reletive to uppgreds. Q fair knot ottomatec upgred.



wanderlust May 27, 99 9:49 pm

Hey, arturo, the man is German, speak English!


crju May 28, 99 10:32 am


I had a similar case where I was flying Newark to LA to Houston to Fort Lauderdale. Everything was Q class except for Houston to Fort Lauderdale (which was Y). The agent told me that even though the seats were available, the Q class segments overrides my Y class making me ineligible for the upgrade. I am not sure what all that means but she explained to me that if everything is ticketed together, the whole ticket is classified by the lowest class of service. Also, if I had broken the ticket, I would be able to get the upgrade but my overall cost would be more without a rt.

I am sure I have confused you but I think it makes since to me.


newgold May 28, 99 1:08 pm

Here is the key: Look at the Class letter on the ticket Y is full coach (refundable) everything else (H,B,V,Q,T)is restricted and requires you to call either 72,48,24 hours before the flight (depending on elite status). You should have a head start as well because you are in a time zone ahead of the US. The fare basis code tells me that you likely to be in Q class "QDEL285."
Are you going to KCI or MCI (Kansas City).
You will love it.

Formerly known as BSL

Tute84 May 28, 99 6:04 pm

The difference between the fare class that you paid (Q) and the Y class you saw on your boarding pass is nothing. The Y simply means that you are sitting in coach, whether you are in Q or any other fare class. If you see an F on your boarding pass, that means you are in first class. So, what you see on your boarding pass is just to distinguish your class of service.
The new CO boarding passes at EWR (orange and blue) don't have a section for you class of service.

namlit May 29, 99 11:22 am

To all who ansewerd me especially crju, newgold and Tute84 a big Thank You!
I think I got it now.
If I like to upgrade a flight wihin the 48 US i have to call 24h in advance (silver)

The only way to upgrade a flight from FRA to EWR is to get an allpass upgrade:
"AllPass Upgrades -- allow you to upgrade to First Class or BusinessFirst with the purchase of most published adult Coach fares (excluding certain promotional fares)."

Is the Q fare one of these "promotional fares"?

Additionally upgrade is not possible on most fri sat sun. :-((((


Tute84 May 29, 99 12:19 pm

In most cases, Q class is one of the cheapest seats on the plane. Therefore, it is one of the most restricted fares you can buy. It is usually not upgradable, unless you can get to the gate and there are no other Elites higher than you and there a a couple seats open up front. It is then up to the gate agent to upgrade you or not (they usually will if there are non-Elites on standby so you will free up a coach seat that they can sell at full fare).

Germanfflyer May 29, 99 2:07 pm

No chance for an upgrade in Germany if you have a Q class ticket. You would also have to have an official fare. wich in germany is normally about $150 more than puirchased through a dicount travel agent!

Schade da hast Du fast keine Chancen!

Viele Gre


Germanfflyer May 29, 99 2:14 pm

Just another tip: get a prestige pack to upgrade your US flights!They usually will upgrade you in Germany when you check in. If you do not have a US address:have the pack send to your hotel. Do not call the german onepoass center they will not sell you the packs but if you call directly to onepass in Houston they forward them to your hotel. You need to call about 6 weeks before you travel!have the hotel send you the packs to germany let them put the postage on your futre hotel bill.

Viele Gre


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