Chase Platinum-No Foreign Xch. Fee

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Chase Platinum-No Foreign Xch. Fee

I can't find the thread but there were questions about whether Chase was true in saying they did not charge a fee add-on to foreign currency charges (e.g. charges overseas).
I just spent a month in Paris and used my Chase Platinum MC extensively. I usually use Firstcard to get UAL miles but they announced the 3% fee add-on (now delayed?) so I switched to Chase.
I've gone through all my charges and there's no fee add-on I can find. The exchange rate for francs/dollars in the Wall St. Journal was $6.05-$6.13 while I was there and I got $6.06-$6.14, a little better. I can't even find the 1% add-on that Visa and MC are supposed to charge before it gets to the issuing bank.
Chase is keeping its word on this and I suggest you consider using them, if their miles connections work for you.
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Mountain Trader:

I would reallyencourage you to call Firstcard and tell them what you did. If enough poeple call and tell them they are using accounts other than theirs because of that outrageous "fee", they just might get the hint that we ARE paying attention and it DOES matter.

The hopeful result (if there is indeed enough of an outcry) would be that they would change their policy back.

In addition, if you find that Chase did indeed keep their word, call them and tell them you used their card because they have not inflicted that idiotic fee, and will continue to use it while you are oversees.

The playing field is changing quickly. AMEX is increasing their foreign exchange fees as well. So send LOUD kudos to those issuers that are not and LOUD complaints to those who are.

As consumers, we have plenty of options out there now because the competition remains heated. The loudest message to those card issuers whose policies we disagree with is not using it or even cancelling it. If we can all do this, we'll come out ahead most definitely. So...Onward Through The Fog!!!!!

okay, I'm off my soap box now. carry on.


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That's wierd - usually no matter what type of credit card you are carrying (affinity or not) there is usually a 1% fee for transfers charged by Visa or M/C.
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