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Brownsbckr Feb 15, 99 8:42 pm

Question about qualifying
I travel weekly at about 2000 miles and 4 segments. At this rate I think it will take me about 23 weeks to qualify for platinum elite based on segments only.

That will mean, that I will have qualified, before the halfway point of the year.

However I will continue to travel weekly, and I want to know of what benefit is for me to continue on, once I have qualified. Apparently I derive absolutely no benefit until March of 2000, right? Am I way off here? Or could I possibly get added before next year as an elite. Is it possible to start lobbying for upgrades and such? The last half of the year is a long time and I could get platinum status on American if I wanted to, but I'd rather work with Continental.

ontheroad Feb 15, 99 8:51 pm

The day you reach the threshold for an Elite segment is the day you receive that status.

If you reach 75,000 miles on May 20, 1999, you will be considered Platinum Elite from May 20, 1999 through February 28, 2001 -- the rest of this year, all of next year, and Jan/Feb of the following year.

When you reach Platinum, you'll get 125% mileage bonus for miles earned while Platinum. You'll earn more miles, so there is a benefit to continuing on CO.

When you hit 25,000 miles this year, you'll be Silver. You are on your way up.

JAWS_II Feb 15, 99 9:58 pm

Actually, Brownsguy, you could qualify for Platinum and if you're not concerned with the miles, go to American and make their Platinum. That way, from the day you qualify for each, you are in the most favorable position for upgrades for the next year. I fly over 90 segments a year and I am more concerned about getting the upgrades than I am the miles. If it were me I would do 2 airlines. GO FOR IT!!!!! & WELCOME ABOARD FLYERTALK!!!!

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